I unexpectedly lost my young dog. I was devastated. I spent every day crying. My mom had also just died.

Embarassing but important: I give my pets voices and make them say stupid things. Every pet has a key phrase. This dog’s key phrase was “that’s so cool!” If he got a new toy, I would make him say “this new toy is so cool!” Etc.

One night I had a dream. Momo was on my couch. I was asking how he is, asking if he’s okay. A random coworker of mine, Laurie, was also on the couch, between us. Every time I said something to the dog, Laurie would respond FOR him. Frustrated, I said, “What are you doing here? I’m trying to talk to my dog!” and she continued to answer on his behalf. Dream ends.

Not long after that, I get a random work message from Laurie asking me to come to her office. I was filled with dread, because she worked in HR. She asks how I am. With hesitation, she asks if I’m open to things like psychics and life after death. I say well yes, I ponder those things. She was relieved and asked if she has permission to relay a message. Says she’s a medium, but doesn’t want this gift, and doesn’t want to mix work into it, but she keeps receiving a message for me from someone who has passed. I say sure. She said:

“It’s not your mom. It’s a really short, young male. The message was “thank you thank you thank you for the life you gave me, stop crying. Everything is SO COOL here!”

I immediately knew it was my dog.

She went on to say he was very thankful for the life he’d had, and that because he knew love, it made going to the afterlife very easy. I’d adopted him from a very abusive situation. She explained that when a tormented soul tries to go to the afterlife, negative feelings can really hold them back. But if they feel love and peace at the time of their passing, they basically go to Heaven instantly. She said because I showed him love, it changed the trajectory of his soul’s journey. It was really touching and left us both in tears.

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