Deadbolts and Closet Doors

It Whispers from the Closet


Date | 2014
Location | Oklahoma


Please keep me anonymous I can not risk my name getting out with this now. I’ve only spoken about this with a select few people and with that being said I’ve always withheld details of the full truth of what I have experienced growing up and what I still experience now.

It’s hard to pick a start to this tale, I’ve seen a lot. I should start with some family history I believe though, not to get too specific with details of where we hail from and what not but in an old mountain country of Europe, pick a side it doesn’t matter much (mom’s side this is important it feels like) they all have old tales of things that go bump on the night. Oddly enough my parents parents on both sides came to this country (usa) bringing with them a lot of tradition and a lot of those old stories. I thought this story was starting with my mother but it looks to start with my grandmother.

My grandmother had a very hard life, she worked from a very young age in a factory alongside her siblings and was always written off as the “odd one of the bunch”. They would often find her as a child into her early teens talking to the walls and the trees, she would say “The old voices are coming from here” Her parents of course thought she was mentally ill or troubled. They enrolled her in nightly classes and at their local priest to pray weekly over her. But nothing stopped she continued to listen as if the walls we talking directly to her herself and that was the extent of it for my grandmother.
The voices never stopped she said in her later years, she said she could just no longer make out what they were saying. We would catch her at night against the walls in the closet and kitchen cabinets listening and trying to make out the faint mumbles of what she once could hear.

Switching gears to my mother’s story:

Her life was a lot easier compared to my Nana’s work wise she grew up in the states and had a fairly normal childhood and lived in a suburban neighborhood with her two siblings one brother and one sister. I say normal but ya know how normal can it really get
She had the same issue as my grandmother in a certain regard but not the exact same issues she didn’t hear any voices (well not until later) she was “sensitive” they would say, her and her eldest sister both.

Growing up they had a lot and I mean a lot of weird stuff happen to them and id love to share with you their stories with my mothers’ permission. You see their stuff makes what happened to me growing up seem childish. They quite literally had a living hell.
My mother’s sister died at 25 my mom was 22.

Switching gears one last time we will switch to me:

(Beginning of Recorded Account)

Hi we can call me 2 for namesake. I don’t want any info out on my name really.
A lot of this is going to make me sound insane and I get that, but I’ve found some comfort when I found this podcast to make me feel not as alone in this weird ass life, so that makes me very thankful.

But again I don’t know where to really start. I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff. And I mean weird stuff. Stuff I have not told anyone about and some stuff I refuse to talk about. I should start at the beginning.

Despite my mother and father’s troubled history, they managed to do very well for themselves in our small town in Oklahoma. I am 1 of 4 kids. We grew up on a ranch with around 200 acres, lots of fun toys, lots of fun stuff to do, the possibilities were basically endless at this castle my father had built. My father and mother bought up this land in the late 2000s with hopes of building their dream home and boy did they. It was huge. Two stories with an attic, massive pool, 9 bedrooms, 10 baths – it was the house to have people over to! No neighbors for miles, and on the backside it bordered the Wichita mountains ( man do i have some stories from out here) It was a dream house basically.

Growing up, my mother quickly realized that my youngest brother and I were much like her in the sense that we were sensitive to certain things.

A defining moment in my childhood is my mom sitting me down and telling me that life for me would be very different and that I may hear things and see things that others can not, she warned me to not always trust them and didn’t say much more on it ever again. I was 8 years old.

In that perfect house that my parents had made we all heard things, not all of us saw things but every single one of us heard things, and we all to this day believe that was the most haunted place we lived.

Growing up I never considered why all of the closets had deadbolts on the outside of the doors. Nonetheless, I thought maybe they were just the cheap kind of doors that sway or something lol. I never thought much of it except we all routinely locked them. For as long as I can remember all of my siblings would lock the door before getting into bed, as per the request of my parents, none of us were the type to disobey orders, especially easy ones like that.

One night I can remember specifically I got a really weird feeling locking the door, not just a ‘hmm, weird, why is this a deadbolt?” like a “hmm, I should put my desk in front of here” I ignored it and turned off my lights and sprinted to bed.

I was around 12-13 here and my little brother, let’s call him 4, was very sensitive as well, he had been having alot of trouble since we had moved into the house- full on seeing things, and even waking up outside. I heard him a few times in his closet talking as if he was having a full-out conversation with someone who wasn’t there.

Either way, this specific night he came to my room, which he often did, around midnight and asked if he could sleep with me. The perfect opportunity to be a big brother, while also having someone with me because, to be completely honest, I was horrified. I had been hearing bumps and creeks all night.

Fast forward a few hours, it’s well into the night, most likely 3-4 am. I had been laying awake as I often did because I was just flat-out scared. I was a notoriously light sleeper anyhow but this night I seemed to just lay there and not be able to move. My brother on the other hand was the opposite, if he had the chance he could sleep through most anything.

All of a sudden it felt like the temperature had dropped 30 degrees. I mean we kept our house cold but I Swear the windows were frosting lol. Right about the time i’m starting to realize something is really wrong, I realize my little brother is holding me just looking at the closet, but I was looking at it too. I felt it too.

Then “clunk.” – the unmistakable sound that I and all my siblings knew so well.
The lock on the closet somehow unbolted, and the door began swinging open.

There is no city light for a long time, so it’s just moonlight shining through one window. Its pitch black in my room tonight but somehow me and my brother both saw it

Something stood Big enough to occupy a doorway and dark enough that we could see or feel it in the dark. I don’t know. All I know is that is what terror feels like. We were frozen. I was holding him so tight he probably would have run, looking back on the situation. What was all of 7 seconds felt like minutes.

All of sudden, in the back of my head, like the furthest corner, I hear a voice. Not a friendly voice like the one that had led me out of trouble or talked to me in the woods as a kid (all other stories lol) but this voice had a grip on me like it was just suffocating the life out of me until I listened to what it said.

“Im glad we finally got to you” but it was laughing while saying it. It was happy! And then I realized it was coming from that closet! Then the closet door slammed shut, like it was pushed by hurricane winds, and I took my brother in my arms and took off downstairs in tears.

What a sight to be in front of your parents crying about a demon. While my dad looked down on us with confusion, my mother’s face said it all. She knew she had felt evil like this before. She knew we were telling the truth about it all.

My life has only gotten weirder since. That night felt like the kickstart of it all. If you want the other weirder stuff just let me know.

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