Dark Corners and Death Angels

Black-Winged, Red-Eyed Torment


Date | 2008 - 2010
Location | South Africa


I grew up in a village and on a farm in Warburton South Africa in the middle of nowhere. You know, the kind of place with a board saying “Welcome” and on the back “Thanks for visiting…”.

The strangeness started when I would see shadows from the corners of my eyes, and heard my name being called. I would reply to my mom in Afrikaans “ja ma” meaning “yes mom”. I would then go to her and ask her what she wants, with her replying “I didn’t call you”. Later I just got so used to ignoring it that sometimes my mom did call me and I would just not respond.

Then other things started happening… I had a pitbull, and one day I was in the bathroom rolling an empty roll of toilet paper to her for fun. The roll stopped in front of her dead still, and then turned around. Needless to say, she booked it out of there and went and sat with my parents with her tail between her legs (what a dog).

In my room, there was a corner that would always stay dark, it didn’t matter how much sunshine my room would get, or that my bedside lamp on that side of the bed would shine. Sometimes the same lamp would flicker, go off and then come on again… My hi-fi would also just go on and off by itself.

One evening during a weekend, the power went off, and we took an old paraffin lamp to my room to just hang out. The glass part (top part) of the lamp just suddenly fell and broke, just outside the threshold of my room. We cleaned it up and took what was left of the lamp and placed it on my dresser. Suddenly the flame of the lamp burned about 10 cm above the lamp and split in two, during this time we saw a shadow just in front of my bedroom curtains.. with red glowing eyes. All of us got the hell out of the room. Except one of my friends couldn’t get out, he was literally held back by the collar of his shirt! While this was happening my horses in the backyard went crazy kicking off their stall doors!

Then, one night I was lying on my bed with my cat, suddenly she hissed and ran out of my room, I thought it strange at the time (now if any of my pets act strange I book it) and I looked up at my dreamcatcher hanging over my bed noticing the thread was in the shape of a pentagram. At the same time my mom was yelling from her room next to mine, my dad had to rush her to the hospital 70 km away. When I asked her what happened, she said she literally saw the angel of death with wide spread black wings and he just touched her door and opened it and she couldn’t breathe.

Keep in mind that our family members also used to fight a lot when we lived in this house. When we moved, the strange occurrences and fighting stopped.

Thanks for a great podcast and creating a safe platform for us to share our stories.



Upon further correspondence, Chanelle added the following potentially pertinent information, “family members also used to fight a lot when we lived in this house. When we moved, the strange occurrences and fighting stopped.”

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