I see that Jon requested stories of pets or animal connections, While this isn’t outwardly supernatural, I like to think it is based on the circumstances, and I as well share.

We adopted a stray named Cleon from a shelter, everyone was very close to him, but most of all loved my father. But then, only 4 months after we got him, we heard him howling, paralyzed from the hips down. Due to an unknown underlying heart issue, he threw a clot and it got stuck at the base of his spine. We knew he had very little time, and he died in my arms less then 10 minutes after. He was only 6. A few weeks later, a stray cat wondered into our backyard.

He was scrawny and very obviously sick. He had no home and was extremely scared of people. My dad who has extensive knowledge of cat rescue, dealing with hundreds of cases before, decided to trap him so we could bring him into the vet and get him spayed. We did, and re-released him becuase he was feral and went ballistic in the presence of humans.

But he kept coming back, so we fed him, sat with him outside (to Hermes dismay), talked to him, etc etc you get the point. It went on like that for months. Only ever letting me and my father feed him or get within 5 feet of him. Our main goal was to bond with him enough to bring him inside, our backyard is a forest and full of foxes (we are in pennsylvania) and we were worried for his safety, but he only ever stood and the doorway, never coming in.

After months of getting closer to him he will eat out of my hand and rub up against my leg. But with my dad, he will sit in his lap, purr as if he was a jet engine, play, and act as if he was an ordinary house cat. It’s been almost 2 years now and he still won’t come inside but he is happy. He reminds me a lot of Cleon, never putting up with things he doesn’t like, stubborn to no ends, and a room filling personality.

White and black (Hermes)- Brown, black, and gray (Cleon)

I told him I would be right there.

right there to pick her up.

Little Kitty stared at me as I was on the phone, somehow I couldn’t help but feel like she had a weird connection to everything. When I hung up, she followed me to the front door. I put on my coat & said “You don’t want to stay?” And to be honest I half expected an answer. But something in me knew I wasn’t meant to keep her in the house, or at all – she wasn’t a creature that could be kept. I opened the door and off she went. I watched her trot around the barn & she was gone. I picked up Grimm, who I’m happy to report is living a fat & happy life 🙂
This is the picture I snapped

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