BHE5 - Celebrity Clones, the Reptilian Royals and Donald Marshall
BHE5 - Celebrity Clones, the Reptilian Royals and Donald Marshall

E05 | Celebrity Clones, the Reptilian Royals and the Donald Marshall Question

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After dealing with phantom vacuums and vanishing cables, we splice into the controversial and chaotic conspiracies surrounding genetic manipulation, celebrity cloning and the seemingly growing online fascination that is Donald Marshall – a self proclaimed victim of the Illuminati and a Reptilian royal family. From Jeff Goldblum giggles, to a Knife wielding Miley Cyrus, this episode is jam-packed with colorful visuals and sonic montage thunderclaps! Also.. R2D2 Arguments, Childhood insults, and fat people Mammoths. Tune in and get ready for surgery, Belief Hole style!

Episode 4 Movie Suggestions: 

Jurassic Park, Multiplicity, The Island

Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences by Jeffrey Long | Book Link

Donald Marshall LINK

Donald Marshall Facebook Post | LINK

Donald Marshall/ Megadeth Photo | LINK

Smallville Sex Trafficking LINK

Donald Marshall on Cloning – Video  | LINK

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