Candy Gramps

A friendly, familiar ghost climbs out of the toy chest


Brianna Mascaro
Date | Unknown
Location | Unknown


Hey guys,
I’m a mom and wife with 3 kids. I’m obsessed with your show. I listen while I’m doing daily chores. You guys really do a great job having open communication, doing research, and having fun at the same time.

I want to tell you what happened when I was 5. I believe the innocence of children lets them see some “things” that adults can’t or won’t see.

I had a great grandfather who we called Candy gramps. He always had a few shelves in his cupboard where he kept sweets for the grandkids and great grandkids. He was an amazing man. Raised 2 kids on his own when his wife decided that being a mom wasn’t for her. He would take our pies made of mud from the back yard, put them in the oven and then an hour later we had “cold” chocolate cream pie. We thought he was magic.

He had a great temperament. It took a lot to get on his bad side. He was very forgiving and loved family above all. Out of three generations I happened to be the only kid he gave a light spanking to. My granny says I must have been over the top.. I was a busy kid. Lol.

When he turned 80 he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. There was no hope and it took him quickly. But he was playing jokes on us even in the hospital. He decided he wanted to pass at home so his two children decided to honor that. On his last night on earth my parents called our babysitter and asked her to stay the night with me and my sister so they could be with grandpa. When I went to bed my babysitter was there.

I woke up around 2 or 3 am and just laid there with my eyes open. Had no need to move or talk just kind of awake but not. I was looking at my toy box which was across the room from my bed.. and I watched the lid slowly lift.. and my great grandfather was the reason it was lifting. He raised himself out of the toy box about half way- His waist and legs still in the box. He waved to me and smiled, like you would when a car drives away. I knew in my 5 year old mind he was saying goodbye. I just stared, and then he went back down, lowering the lid with him. When the lid was closed I felt like I needed to move so I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

After about 10 min, or what felt like it, I decided I couldn’t sleep so I started to yell for the babysitter and my dad came into the room. He put me back to sleep.

I found out the next day that my candy gramps had passed away. I was sad but I wasn’t devastated because I knew he wasn’t really gone just not here. I don’t really know why he said bye to me and I’ve asked cousins and aunts and uncles and nothing happened to them. I will never forget that wave and I will appreciate it forever.

Thanks for a great show,

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