Call of the Fire Lights

A young girl is visited by strange entities made of static light


Date | Early 90s
Location | Manila, Philippines


My first paranormal, supernatural, or unexplained experience was when I was about 6-7 years old in our old house in the Philippines. It was a very long time ago, so, of course, my memory could be messing with me.. but I have always constantly thought about this encounter my whole life. It was so weird that I never told anyone about it— I might have mentioned it in passing and in a light-hearted way during those conversations I used to have with friends back in college or something over drinks, when the topic of conversation started leaning into the unknown or high strangeness, but I really do not recall ever telling anyone about it and sharing it like a REAL memory. It was just so obscure and strange that I have kept it in the dark recesses of my mind, but I get to conjure it up once in a while when I listen to people talk about their experiences, mostly through podcasts like yours.

| The experience..

One night after dinner, maybe around 7 pm, everyone was inside the house and I was outside in our garage. In the Philippines, the garage is usually in front of the house and is a part of your front lawn area, near the front door. And houses are usually barricaded by a gate. So I was just a little outside our front door which was left open, and I was probably playing in my dad’s car, which I loved to do as a kid: pretend driving.

All of a sudden I had this unexplainable feeling of being called or beckoned outside the house. I walked towards our gate and I looked out the sky and saw an orange hue glimmering between the trees in a vacant lot in front of our house. I had no idea what it was but I also didn’t really care because I was a kid, and it could have been a lamp post in another street that is shining through? I don’t really know, but I remember the FEELING very vividly. It made me excited and almost gave me a feeling of ‘longing’, like something or someone, was telepathically sending me positive messages (love, gentleness, etc) but also making me want to go out there, which also confused me and made me wary, so I didn’t go outside the gate.

I remember staring at this orange light and the objects surrounding it with awe and curiosity for a while until I heard my older cousin (who used to babysit my siblings and me) call me to go back inside the house.

I didn’t think anything of it and continued playing inside until bedtime.

The weirder thing happened later that evening, in the middle of the night. I remember waking up from my sleep because I thought it was daytime. It was like when someone turns on the light switch while you’re trying to nap and the sudden light in the room comes through your eyelids as dark orange when your eyes are still closed. I opened my eyes and I saw two red-orange fireballs ‘swimming’ across my room. I say swimming because they were moving like fish swimming in an aquarium. Just very gentle in a straight line but also wobbling once in a while and turning around to avoid hitting the walls. They were a few inches away from the ceiling, just moving horizontally in front of me. 

And there was Another very strange aspect to it that I would never forget: They looked like static almost. Like grainy and pixelated. As if I was watching them through a VHS camcorder!

I looked at my cousin who was in another bed close to me and she was sleeping like a log. I sat up on my bed and stared at these two fireballs, and I remember the room glowing with orange light and thought it looked so cozy LOL. I was mesmerized. I thought ‘ok this must be a dream’ so I started pinching myself and slapping my face – a thing I’d seen people do in the movies. I tried calling out to my cousin but I also didn’t want anyone to ‘scare away’ these gentle fireballs, whatever they were, so I really didn’t mind that she was sleeping through this. This was weird, because every time I look back at this memory, I tell myself, “I should have been scared”, but honestly when it was happening, I was not scared or even bothered at all. It felt natural and not supernatural.

I watched the mysterious orange lights for a while, maybe less than an hour. Then they started to move towards the window and just passed through the screen, the metals, etc. like it was colored, dusty air.. And my room was dark again.

I have had maybe 2-3 high strangeness events happen to me but I’m really usually a logical and ‘science can explain this soon enough’ type of person, so I don’t think much of them (not true, I think of them A LOT but do not share them even with my close friends, till recently because I worked on my self-confidence). But when they happen I go back to reading and listening to stuff like your show just to feel like I am not alone. I never told my family about it seriously, and like I said I have talked about it in jest, but I know deep inside my heart that whatever that event or ‘show’ was, was something, especially for… me.

Thank you for your time,

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