Boyscout Demon

A Goat-legged Ghoul Joins The Fire


Date | Circa 2003
Location | Michigan campground up north


Hi guys. I’ve been listening in on your podcast for a while. My kids and I love listening. We are big believers in the “extras” of life. Things that go bump in the night or make your skin crawl. We’ve all seen something.  My story is from when I was between 10 and 11, I think- it was a long time ago, 20ish years. First off, I was homeschooled my entire life till college. So I didn’t make many friends or get out much. So my mom and dad got me to join boy scouts as a way to make friends and get some useful skills. I didn’t get friends but I got some great life skills. 

So we were going to a camping outing some time in fall. The campground set up was a bit weird. It had one road up to the campsite that made a big circle that looked kinda like a keyhole. In the middle however was this small grove of trees. The camp sites were all set on the outside of the circle with the grove by itself. It was a bit chilly, so to keep warm, we really didn’t go beyond the fires edge. At this point in the evening, we had already eaten and just been eating s’mores and telling campfire stories.

Of course we started telling scary stories. A few kids started with some classic murder stories, then a few boy scout kidnappings, Michal Myers type stuff. I myself was terrified as I thought I kept seeing things moving in the background of our campsite. But it was just shadows from the dancing fire as best I could tell. 

Anyways, I eventually was tired and a bit scared, so I decided to go to my tent to sleep. During this whole time I felt something staring at me from somewhere behind me. I was too scared to even look,  until I got up to go to bed. 

Then I saw it in the grove of trees in the middle of the campsites. It was tall, about 8-9 feet. It had goat legs, a human torso and horns, its eyes glowed red and all around the creature was this red mist that was flowing through the air. It just kept staring at me through the trees. It looked like it was on fire almost. No one else saw this thing.

I ran to my bed, zipped up my tent and my sleeping bag covered my face and hoped I woke up the next morning. I think I prayed to every god I knew of, I hopes one would let me live. It was the absolutely most terrifying moment in my life. 

It was also the moment I started questioning everything in my life.

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