E10 | Halloween Episode! Ghost Stories and Creepy Hauntings


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Bob Lazar, Area 51, and Flat Earth Fighting Words

Ever hear of a quaint classified testing site known as Area 51? Of course you have! and it’s all thanks to the whistle blowing of a brave soul named Bob Lazar. And thanks to the efforts of film maker Jeremy Corbell and investigative journalist George Knapp, after 30 some years, he’s breaking his silence once again.

On this Episode of Belief Hole, we give you the skinny on Bob’s claims. Join us as big brother Jon finally relays his personal U.F.O encounter, Chris DOESN’T spill a drink, and Jeremy bares his flat earth teeth once again. It’s all going down in the belief hole tonight, so start your New Year off right with a yummy slide into madness!

Also.. NASA Nazi space discoveries, Leonardo DiCaprio’s mortal comfort, and the friendly judgment of others.

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