Blood manifestation and Black Magic attacks!



Date Submitted | 3•29•20
Location | Punjab, India


2.7 | Listener Stories – Strange Creatures, UFOs, and Graveyard Ghosts


Hey guys! Sukhvir here, feel free to call me Sukhi 

Background: My parents come from the Punjab region of India, I was born in Seattle and grew up in southeast Michigan. 

The first account is from when my dad was a young lad. He used to live in a decently sized village. He must’ve been around the age of 8 or 10 when this happened to him- it was the early 60’s. People in rural Punjab tend to be very superstitious, and it was no different back then. In an act of black magic ritual, people used to leave clay pots full of certain items, herbs or oils in the middle of the road. (This was at the instruction of local witch doctors, and often done to try to achieve something, like success in marriage, or becoming wealthy, etc) What my dad used to do was that he would go around kicking these things over, scattering the contents of these pots in the road. 

One night he goes home, and goes to sleep. A few hours into the night, he gets kicked in the back, flies out of bed and lands on the floor! At first he thought somebody was there, but when he looked around, there was nobody to be seen. In the morning he saw that there was a huge bruise where something had kicked him. His family took him to see the local holy man, who gave him a mantra and a blessing, and afterwards my dad wasn’t bothered by the entity ever again…. or the effects of the entity slowly subsided – one or the other.

When my dad was a little bit older, probably late teens or early 20s.  My dad was at a place called a derra (day-ra). This is usually where a holy man resides and is used as a place for congregation for religious purposes. (Although these days the word derra has a negative connotation). My dad was at this derra with a couple of friends doing various services for the congregation (cooking food, cleaning, etc). One evening my dad, his friends, and a couple more servants at the derra were sitting with the holy man (in Sikhism, holy men are referred to as sants; the singular – sant – like a saint I suppose.)

 So they’re all sitting around and all of a sudden they get splashed with blood. My dad said it was as if someone scooped up some blood with their hand and just threw it on them. But the thing was, nobody had actually thrown the blood, and apparently, it had materialized out of thin air. My dad says that it had to have been some strong black magic for the blood to have even gotten to them in the presence of a Sant, who are usually spiritually developed and therefore black magic takes little to no effect in their presence (some sort of spiritual aura perhaps?). (I don’t know how the materializing blood works or what effect it’s supposed to have, but I guess it happens to a lot of people)

The Sant told my dad, his friends, and other servants to go get cleaned up and that everything will be alright and not to worry. That night one of the servants that was staying there ran off. It turns out that the black magic attack had targeted him. He had been a victim of black magic before and had come to the derra to get better. After he ran off, he was found dead a few days later.

Well anyway, that’s my experience with the paranormal. Once again I am grateful for the content that you guys put out, please keep up the great work!



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