Black-Eyed Casino Witch

Casino Portal to the Shadow Realm


Date | Late Summer, 2020
Location | Black Hawk, Colorado


Hi. I just listened to your expansion teaser for the 5.7 Listener stories episode. It was about things seen at a casino.

I used to be in the casino industry as an IT technician. I remember back in late summer 2020 I think. I was working for one of the larger casinos in our small casino town. My boss radioed me to go fix a printer in the cashier stand called the Cage. I went over there and the cashiers told me they were too busy to have me work on the printer. So I turned around and started to head back to the IT office. As I walked past the long line of gamblers looking to put cash on their players cards, I felt like someone was watching me. I looked up and saw a short, elderly woman of Asian descent halfway back the line. She had thinning hair that appeared to have once been dyed red and she was staring at me with solid black eyes. It startled me but I wasn’t scared at the time, just looking to study what the hell I was looking at. I got close and saw that her sclera, the normally white part of the eyes, was almost like a different texture of black than her irises, if that makes sense. I later Googled what medical condition could turn the sclera black and found nothing. I told a casino host in 2022 about it in conversation. He said a name out loud of a woman who used to gamble there that matched a lot of the description, except, of course, the black eyes. She died around the same time I saw the black eyed woman. He said that she was a mean and spiteful human being in life.

New Years Eve 2022, a few months back, my husband and I were driving past the casinos in the same town on our way to dinner. I was in the passenger seat. I looked to the right at the sidewalk and there was a smallish figure in an unmarked gray hoodie, hood pulled up. The eyes were completely black. Our eyes met. Then we were past that individual.

I have seen shadow people and apparitions in my time working for the casinos. One time when I was alone in an employee only area, I saw a cart start to move on its own towards me on a level floor. I shouted, “Knock it off!” and it stopped moving towards me.

There is a definite belief among a lot of local casino workers that all of the local casinos are haunted. I guess there even used to be a paranormal investigation group here consisting of largely casino workers.

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