Black Cube Cul-De-Sac

A Strange Craft Haunts a Neighborhood


Kyle Smith
Date | Unknown (Submitted) February 19, 2021
Location | Unknown


Although I don’t buy into most “paranormal” stories and folklore, I do believe there’s some things that we humans can’t explain (yet) or don’t understand. My whole life I’ve never really believed in anything like ghosts or demons, as I’m not too religious or to be honest even interested in anything along those lines. But when I was in middle school I was walking up my street and I remember seeing my friends parents looking up in the sky pointing at something. As I looked up myself I saw a flock of geese in their V-formation flying eastward away from my position, and right in the middle of the geese formation was a black cube flying right along with them. The geese were almost right above me and I heard nothing. Due to surrounding houses and trees I only saw the box or cube for about 10 seconds. Afterward I didn’t really know how to perceive it, and honestly still don’t.

For years I’ve thought about it and pondered what it could’ve been. I’ve looked into seeing if anyone has seen anything else and I haven’t found much on it. I was listening to another one of your episodes on Shadow people when it was briefly mentioned. You guy were the first source I’ve heard discussing it and I was wondering if you guys know any other information or stories on flying black cubes lol that just sounds funny saying lmao. But this is something I’ve been curious about ever since it happened. I’ve recently been accepted into the Navy to be a pilot and it was recently re-sparked my interest on my whole experience with the whole UFO incidents that have happened. I’m a certified flight instructor (CFI) and have almost a thousand hours at this point and I have never seen anything I couldn’t explain. I’ve seen an iridium flare before and it’s insane just how bright it can light up the sky and I now contribute that to a lot of peoples UFO sightings, but I’ve never seen anything I can’t explain while flying. I saw you guys have a episode about that and I’m going to check it out soon. Thank you guys, I love the podcast, hope to hear from you guys soon.

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