Beyond the Dream Door | Listener Story

A Strange Staircase Premonition


Date | Between 1973-1994
Location | Oklahoma


Beginning as far back as I can remember I had a recurring dream, well a nightmare actually. This extremely scary experience happened often and followed the same pattern each time. It always started with me in a house, walking up a staircase. Ooh, scary right? I know it sounds pretty normal, but when you’ve been here over and over, you know what’s coming.

When I reach the top of the stairs, there is no landing, only a door. Upon opening this door, I have to crawl through rather than walk, but I never understood why. Anyway, after entering the room beyond, the horror started. This is not the point of the story though. So one day when I was in college I went with some friends to see a house. They were thinking about renting this place and wanted a second opinion. It was an old farmhouse and seemed pretty cool even though it was pretty run down. Once in the house, it seemed familiar to me but I didn’t fully grasp the significance until we came upon the staircase.

Yes, it was MY staircase! I nearly couldn’t look up, but I forced myself. There it was! The door. I immediately felt overwhelming fear and dread, and I literally RAN out of the house. By the time I reached the car, I was in a panic- shaking and crying. For the last 21 years this house had haunted my dreams! In that dreamworld, the room held demonic entities, but who knows what we would have faced if I had opened this real world door. Well, needless to say, my friends did not rent the house after seeing my reaction. They were totally freaked out. I may have saved them from living in a possessed house, but the best part of the whole experience was that I never had the nightmare again! I have no idea how my recurring dream became real, or was it really an omen or warning? It’s unexplained and I’m glad to have never experienced it again. Thanks for letting me share. I love your show!

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