BHE2 - Occultism, Illuminati and Satanism in Hollywood
BHE8 - Shadow People, Ghost, paranormal

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In episode 2 of Belief Hole, we plunge into the murky pool of occult symbolism in the music industry and popular culture. From strange interviews with David Blaine and Mark Zuckerberg to Bob Dylan’s date with destiny, we discuss moments in media that allude to current Faustian bargains made with the devil.

Are the Occult symbols of the All Seeing Eye and checkerboard floors appearing in so many music videos and concerts simply coincidence? Is there something behind the pattern of powerful people covering their left eye, tatting their bodies with pyramids and quoting Alister Crowley? Is this fad, fiction, or evidence of an Illuminati initiation or even pacts made with entities in a world outside of our own?

Tune in and decide for yourself. These murky waters go deep and this episode just breaks the surface.

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