Bela Comes Home

A Tender Reunion Beyond the Veil


Date | Unkown
Location | Lithuania


Greetings from a Lithuanian Beliefling!

Two years back I suddenly lost my three year old dog Bela. It was a very painful experience. It might sound macabre but I haven’t grieved my mother’s death as I suffered after I lost my dog. I often dreamt walking, playing with her or feeling that she’s somewhere around.

One night, I unexpectedly dreamt of my mom. It was so vivid, I remember it very clearly to this day – me and my mom sit in my sun lit room, we both petting and stroking Bela, who sits next to us on the couch. Suddenly my mom says (referring to my dog): “Enjoy her for the last time, because she can’t stay here anymore.”

After this, dreams of my dog gradually stopped.

The idea that she’s somewhere safe and there might be a place for all of us to meet, soothes the ache of loss and fear of the unknown after death.”

I haven’t experienced anything supernatural and won’t mind keeping it that way. I love to hear other people’s stories, but I am to big of a wuss to live through them myself. But I hope you enjoyed my story. I believe it to be a glimpse into the idea that there might be something after death afterall.

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