Bed Frame Ghost

A Prairie Spook Pays a Visit


Back in 2015 or so, I would occasionally stay at my boyfriend’s house that he shared with a roommate. The home was built in the early 1900s in a cool little gentrified area in Fort Worth, Texas. The house was beautiful –it had great charm, a unique layout, original hardwoods…it never gave me the creeps. I actually felt very comfortable there. Until one night, I abruptly woke up, confused and a little groggy. It was very chilly in the room. While still laying down, I looked to the foot of the old wooden bedframe. And there she was. It felt like my heart stopped and I froze instantly. There was a figure of a women slowly walking, or rather, gliding on the floor from left to right. I stared motionless, still laying down. She was glowing a cerulean blue color but with some discernible features. She was wearing a fluffy bonnet on her head and a long, full prairie skirt. Her outfit was Little House on the Prairie/Little Bo Peep chic. 

She made her way along the foot of the bed staying glued to the bedframe, turning the corner to my side to complete her ‘L’ shape path. I wanted to move or scream…but I couldn’t. It is said people freeze in situations they’ve never encountered because the human brain can’t process the action necessary due to lack of experience. My brain paused. She glided closer until she was immediately by my side. At this point, she stopped and turned towards the bed and began gently leaning down towards my face. I don’t remember detailed facial features, but she was definitely a human spirit. It was almost like she was bending down to kiss me goodnight. Well…before that could happen, I sat straight up in bed and gasped so deeply it resembled a reverse scream. She disappeared. My boyfriend woke up immediately and it was over. I truly believed it could have been the spirit of someone who may have lived there before or even someone tied to that land somehow. I continued staying there from time to time and that never happened again. I wouldn’t say she was trying to scare me or had any I’ll intention. Her movement came across as if it was a recorded sequence, very timed and routine, as if she had done it over and over again for a very long time.

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