Denver Airport Conspiracy - Underground Bases - Dulce

2.4 | Barricading the Boogeyman/ Spirit Architecture


The creek of the closet door at 3 am, the sense of someone watching you from that one corner in your basement.. Always that corner!. The mysterious chicken bones you found above the doorway of your new apartment.. What if there is, in fact, something to these seemingly mystical experiences? ..What if the Boogeyman does exist? From el Coco to Babaroga, we pull on the common threads of cultural bogymen, present some chilling encounters, and explore the strange ways in which our world has learned to keep him out!

Also.. Haint Paint, Evil Muppets and Shadow People Hipster Spirits

2.4 EXP | P2 | Illuminati Card Game + Predictive Programming


• Croatia – Babaroga
Illustration by | Ivica Stevanovic

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