Astral Boogeyman Under My Bed

An OBE experience reveals a smiling boogeyman under the bed


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Location | Louisville, KY

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Recently, I went back listening toBoogeyman Under the Bed your older episodes to pass the time at work and got really sucked into the OBE and astral projection episode. As someone who experiences this sensation often, it really got me wondering if I could learn to control the phenomenon.

So every night, I would lay down and try to enter that state, unfortunately, to no avail.. Until one night recently.

It happened in the middle of the night. I woke up, conscious, but couldn’t move. My whole body was vibrating. At first I thought it was a night terror but quickly reassured myself that it wasn’t and that I needed to remain calm. Then I started telling myself to just let go. Detach, if you will. Thats when I felt myself start to slip. I was moving down but my body was still in the bed. It was weird because it was just happening in clips, like a glitchy animation. I just remember being on the floor looking around and then looking under my bed.

But this is the strange part. When I looked under my bed, there was a face there. Smiling at me with an unnaturally large grin. It startled the crap out of me. I snapped back and instantly popped up.
I shook everything off and laid back down and eventually drifted off back to sleep.

Now, for the extra weird part! Skip forward two days (today 3/9) and my three year old is telling me about how she was scared in the room the other night and that the dark really scares her. I reassured her that nothing would get her and that I would fight off all of the big nasties that came snooping. I kid you not, she looked and me and said “like you did the other night with the monster under the bed??”

When I tell you my stomach jumped into my throat. How could she have known?? I was shocked but it felt like validation in a ways..

Anyways! Thats the only story I have right now! Maybe I’ll tell y’all about my alien abductions and encounters and all my amazing ghost stories later!

Keep up the good work and thanks for providing a space for all us belieflings out there!

With much love,
Louisville, Ky

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