Aqua Visitor

A Sentient Entity visits a Placida Florida Couple


Date | 2007/2008
Location | Placida, Florida


I am a huge fan of your show. This is the strangest thing that has ever happened to me. I’ll try to be as detailed as possible. This is not your normal ghost or ufo event.

In 2007 or 2008 my boyfriend and I rented a house in Placida, Florida. Placida is a small gulf coast town. The house was located on a canal that led to the gulf and had a screened in swimming pool in the back. Before bed we would always make sure the screen door was locked. The house had an unusual floor plan. Every room had a sliding glass door that led to the pool area and at night those were locked as well.

Almost every night for the first month we lived there, we would bolt up in bed because we would hear the sliding glass doors being opened and closed. My boyfriend would take the dog, who would also be on alert, and walk each room making sure that the doors were actually locked and of course they were all locked. The dog was a large Belgian Malinois, for those who do not know, it is a type of German Shepherd. Ours was trained to follow hand signals and was extremely protective. I’m not sure why, all at once, the door sounds stopped, but we were thankful they did. Something much stranger happened a couple months later however.

For a little context, I’ll describe how the bedroom is set up. We hadn’t accumulated much furniture for the house yet, so the bedroom was pretty much empty except for the bed and a small 4′ tall dresser that we put the tv on. The bedroom was huge so it looked incredibly empty, with only a standing light that we never turned on, and the dog’s bed beside ours. The walls were completely bare. The only light seen from the bedroom was a night light in the master bathroom that shined into the hallway leading to the bedroom. A small window facing the pool area was shaded by trees and the bedroom being on the far side of the back of the house had little light, if any, shining in through the sliding glass door. My side of the bed was near the hallway, with a tiny nightstand, and the dog’s bed was on the other side of that. The rest of the area was incredibly void of anything else except white tile floors and white walls. So here is where things get weird.

One night I woke up facing the hallway. I was a bit confused because the room looked incredibly bright and I wondered if somehow we turned the lamp on or the tv may have been turned on. I grabbed my glasses off the nightstand and sat up.

In front of me, at the foot of the bed, was a huge, pulsating thing. It was a few huge rings that were writhing around one another, emitting beautiful shades of aqua. It was pulsing, expanding and contracting. I could see the empty wall through the middle of it being lit up. The middle of the ring was about 3-4 feet across, with the outside strands each an inch or two, but always changing as they twisted around each other. There was a part of it that was thicker at the bottom left of the ring. At that spot, I could see individual strands inside the strands casting various blues and greens and it sparkled a bit. It was mesmerizing and I was incredibly calm for some reason. I thought at one point that I should wake up my boyfriend and I even put my hand on his arm but changed my mind. I was afraid he would panic and this thing would go away and I wanted it to stay. I also looked down at the dog, who was sound asleep, wondering how he could not be alerted to the brightness of the room. His bed and my side of the bed were directly across from this thing. I wanted to get up and touch it, but again afraid it would go away, I didn’t move. I watched it until it finally dissipated, all of it moving through the large, lower corner, fading away, turning the room into darkness. I think this probably lasted ten or fifteen minutes, maybe longer. I had time to inspect the room, trying to rationalize what was happening, thinking that somehow something was shining a light through the window or the pool area, but really knowing this couldn’t be, as this thing was emitting its own light. At that point, I was wide awake and too excited to go back to sleep. I believe it was around 2 or 3 in the morning. I sat there for quite a while hoping it would come back. I felt kind of sad when it was gone, thinking it was so beautiful and I’d probably never see anything quite like it ever again. I told my boyfriend about it when he woke up and after he asked why I didn’t wake him up, he answered his own question saying it would have freaked him out.

I’ve seen a lot of strange things such as ghosts, orbs, mists, UFO’s, but never anything like this. The largest orb I’ve seen was basketball size. This thing was so big that I thought portal, but I only saw the wall though the middle. What I’ve read about portals have all said something or someplace else was seen through the middle. I’m hoping that if you guys read this, that there is someone out there who will contact you or me, and say they’ve seen the same thing and will perhaps know what it is, what it was doing, or what it wanted, if anything at all. I know nothing about the house or who lived there previously, but as for the land, the Calusa Indians may have occupied that land and surrounding land as early as 5000 BC.

I see orbs mostly, from golf ball size to basketball size. Some give an impression of being nice, others indifferent, and one I felt was malevolent and came at me at a high rate of speed.

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*Follow Up Incident (speaking of portals) – Porcelain Visitor
Something weird did just happen a few weeks ago that I’m still wondering about. I had went to bed fairly exhausted. I had just closed my eyes and thought I heard the dog walk into my room. He has been sleeping under my bed. I didn’t look however. I just assumed it was him. Then I heard my roommate get up to use the bathroom and I opened my eyes for some reason. Something was in my face obscuring my vision. I was afraid to put my hands out but I managed to mash my head into the pillow more, and as I did, what looked to be a porcelain face slowly backed away from my face. As it backed away, I saw it was only a mask. Nothing behind it. The moonlight from my windows shined on the cheek of it. When it faded back into the darkness it was just like something you would see in a movie. I wasn’t scared, but more curious. Why was it so close to my face? It was almost like it was trying to get into me? *Maybe kiss me? I think about it every night and often open my eyes periodically just to see if something is there. It’s been quiet the past couple weeks however. No orbs, ghosts, ufos, or porcelain masks. What do you guys think?

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