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Alien Abduction and Bent Heavens – Daniel Kraus Interview

On this out of this world (sorry, i had to) episode, we dig into the concept of Paleo Abduction, with an 1892 case of alleged alien abscondence – the first published account! On the heels of this is an incredible mini-van twirling write-in of an extraterrestrial camp ground encounter, as well as a most compelling clip from Small Town Monsters documentary series, ‘On the Trail of UFOs’!

Then we top it all off with an intriguing interview with Daniel Kraus about his enthralling novel of Americana Abduction, Bent Heavens, as well as his future work with George A Romero’s zombie legacy.

Also.. Jeremy’s Alien Bump, UFO Flashlight Tag, and Dancing, Dream Skeletons at the Edge of Eternity!

Special Guest | Daniel Kraus – New York Times best selling author
(Bent Heavens, The Shape of Water, Trollhunters, Rotters)

Episode Art | Bryan King – ‘Abducution’


09:42 | Jeremy’s alien bump
11:10 | Jons implant and abduction
15:46 | Paleo Abductions – Colonel Shaw Close Encounter
21:13 | Camping Abduction Story – Amethyst
21:48 | Jon’s Dancing Skeleton Dream
24:00 | Camping Abduction Story – Continued
28:58 | Lee Summit UFO Corroboration
32:40 | Small Town Monsters – On the Trail of UFO’s
37:42 | Jon’s Hybrid Babies
41:21 | Celebrity Abduction
47:08 | Dr. Roger Leir – Implants
50:00 | Daniel Kraus – Preliminary Introduction
52:55 | Georgia Guidestones (Patreon Preview)
56:25 | Bent Heavens -Daniel Kraus (Book Read)
58:59 | Daniel Kraus – Interview
1:40:16 | Patreon Thank You’s 🙂

On the Trail of UFO’s | Small Town Monsters
Horse Girl
The Burbs

Shape of Water

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