After the Accident

A Teenager is Visited by a Friend One Last Time


Date | April, early 90s (3am)
Location | Unknown


I’ve had more than a few strange experiences in my life but here is a paranormal one that is really close to my heart. 

 My sophomore year of high school, early 90s. Every year for the opening day of trout season in April I would get up early and go fish with my cousin near his home. It was a Friday night when something woke me up early around 3am. I was freezing cold. I remember even looking at my clock.. it was way too early.  I had a heated water bed. I was so cold I thought my heater had died. I checked it, it was fine, and even turned it up. I Grabbed an extra blanket and tried to go back to bed. Usually, when I was younger, nothing could wake me short of a bomb going off. I Finally fell back to sleep and woke the next day to go fishing. Around noon we went back to my cousin’s house to eat lunch and warm up..

We were watching the 12 o’clock news on tv when a story came up about a fatal car accident in Erie. Although the car was slightly out of contrast to see, they were zoomed in on a grey British Knight high-top sneaker laying in the road.  Between seeing the grey car on its side and the shoe my heart sank even before they said who it was. One of my closest friends Greg.  I knew it was his shoe and his car. They announced his name and that 2 other girls had been killed in the crash. Another girl survivor. 

They wrecked and rolled the car early Saturday morning around 230AM or so. 

Not for a few years after did I start to correlate that it was Greg coming to see me that morning and that his presence is what made me so cold. It had always made me feel good that he came to see me. 

Fast forward about 3 years.. I was in a paranormal forum on  Facebook, when another high school friend that was in it as well encouraged me to share my experience in a post.  So I did.

Much to my surprise, I got a comment from a girl who said she was the survivor. In a personal message, she told me she still remembers that morning laying in the ER on a bed, barely awake, when her best friend, Greg’s girlfriend, came to her at her bedside. She said she could make others out in the room telling her they were all ok and everything was going to be fine. Then she disappeared.  

This really reinforced what I always felt, that Greg did stop by to say goodbye.. in a way.  It’s crazy how after all these years we both had found each other to discover what had happened to the other that day..

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