The Belief Hole is a strange and wonderful place. It’s a campfire where anxious kids listen to ghost stories and try to keep their eyes from drifting to the forest’s edge. It’s a bar on the outskirts of town when just the usuals are left debating conspiracy theories with whiskey breath and buzzed intensity. The Belief Hole is when your mom reads your browsing history and says to your dad, “Great Honey, now our child believes in Lizard People”. It’s a sideways glance at the closet at three am and a strange light in the sky.

..The Belief Hole is when you find you’ve stepped a bit too far into the unknown and discover a smile on your face.

Jeremy, Jon and Chris are three brothers who have spent a weird amount of time looking into unusual topics since the days of elementary school, (which is now quite a long time ago). These three kindred souls gather together to discuss, debate and sometimes snicker over the fantastic and mysterious goings-on that exist at the fringes of our reality.

So tune in, make yourself your favorite drink and listen, laugh and contemplate along with the brothers of the Belief Hole Podcast. Why? Because they love you, and we’re all in this strange place together.

Even non-believers tend to have a strange story or two. whether you’ve been held captive by a legion of  phantom Bigfoot or spent the night with an invisible specter, we want to hear about it! Nothing is too trivial or too incredible for the Belief Hole, so tell us your tale : )

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