UFO on the Horizon: A Night on the USS Nimitz

 Officer Testimony: UFO Sighting While Aboard the Nimitz in the 90s 


Tracy Last Name Redacted
| 1994-1997
Location | Off the Coast of San Diego

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I was stationed on the USS Nimitz from 1994-1997. The ship was doing work ups for the preparation to do a world cruise from Bremerton to Virginia.

We spent a lot of time off the coast of San Diego. And the only real time you would have to yourself was at night. I would go to the fantail or the very back of the ship at night and enjoy the California evenings. We would always have one other ship behind us for safety reasons but it was always very dark and the noise from water was calming.

This particular night I was out roughly midnight or later with a friend. We were just chilling after a long day. Our ship began to slow to crawl, barely moving, which wasn’t too uncommon and we didn’t think much of it. It was a normal California night- overcast and cloudy. And with both ships at crawl, my friend and I suddenly noticed a huge round ship or aircraft hovering at the cloud line. It made no noise and it just stayed in one spot for a good ten minutes. It was very large and round and You certainly could make out multiple lights. It kind of reminded me of independence day when the large ships came to earth .Not like the pyramids, it was very close and made absolutely no noise. Of course, it being dark and overcast, you couldn’t make out any marking or clarification of what it was. Typical story of course. After what seemed a long period of time the craft again, without making a noise, lifted up into the clouds and was gone. Shortly after our two navy vessels fired up and off we went. It was very cool.

The next day we told our story to some of our co-workers and they figured it was a tall tail. I would have thought the same but I was there. Most likely some military aircraft but a creepy cool night.


Additional Information:

Tracy further validated his account by providing Cspan footage of himself aboard the Nimitz during the time of the alleged experience.


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