A Menagerie of Lingering SPirits

 Haunted by Entity Attachments – Visit from a Ghost Boy


James Day
| Uncertain
Location | N/A

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I’ll preface my story with this. I have things attached to me. One unknown, all are shadowy figures unless otherwise stated, and they are as follows:

A large yellow eyed-frog, a hulking man-shaped figure, a Courage the cowardly dog type cat (triangle face included), a shadow ball that lurks in corners where I sleep, a little boy (good guy) and an old woman. These things have been with me for most of my life- the little boy and old woman being the only two I have an idea of when I picked them up.
This is a story of black-eyed children and an entity I fondly, and fearfully, refer to as “house ghost”.

It was a random night. We were having a small get together and playing with Ghost Radar Classic. A good time as usual. We were aware of ‘House Ghost’ at the time, but decided to mess around anyway. In the past, House Ghost has gotten into a car with me and travelled to another town where he stayed and tossed furniture in a hotel for a week until I went back to see a sibling.. and he hitched a ride back home with me. Both terrifying drives. On this random evening, my brother’s wife noticed a kid standing across the street staring at the house in the evening. Odd.. But whatever. We were inside having a good time. House ghost was not pleased that we were playing around, so he decided to get involved. The ghost radar app started calling out what we were doing, and more specifically, what I was wearing and who I was. It called out “brother” and “America”. I am in a fraternity and was wearing my sweatshirt that has the words “captain America” on it. That was it for ghost radar that night. It made some noises down in the basement for the rest of the night.. We locked the door and put some furniture in front of it.

Nothing more from him that night.. but then it started raining. Cut to an hour or two later, the rain just…stops. It was a heavy downpour and should not have stopped like that. Then. There was a knock at the kitchen door. This door is BEHIND the house, not visible from the streets. I almost flipped out, and none of us went to the door. We froze in place and waited. Another knock, same as before. What felt like an eternity passed and then…..rain. just like before the knocks. Full heavy rain. Decided not to sleep after that. Cut again to a couple more hours later, and it happens AGAIN. RAIN STOPS. KNOCK AT KITCHEN DOOR. The exact same as before. This was too freaky- and again we did not move a muscle. Second knock. Rain comes back. Our theory is that House Ghost got pissed that we were taking things lightly and sent a black-eyed child to our house, as well as influencing the app to put us in our place. I will never go to that house again, and I actively avoid even driving past it. My own personal belief is that I’m easy to attach to, and that it was grooming me for either possession or some other nefarious purpose. I hope to never know. Thanks for listening.


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