A Hand in the Dark

When Company Comes to Visit, So Does Something Else..


I lived in a home known for its spooky and supernatural experiences. It was in the city of Baytown, Texas. The home was on Peggy St. It was said that the neighborhood had been built on top of Indian burial grounds. I have been told by my father many haunting stories about that home, things that we were not privileged to as children- as to not frighten us. However, me and my brother and sisters, we all still had very freaky things that happened to us.

It was 1992, and I was barely 5 years old. We had some company visiting, and they planned to stay the night, so my brother and I were asked to sleep on the floor in my sister’s room to allow our guests to have our beds. Everything was fine that evening, and we had a great night with our company. When it was almost time for us kids to go to bed, my brother and I were given sleeping bags so that we could crash on our sister’s floor. I remember having trouble falling asleep, but I can’t recall why. Being 5 years old, it could have just been the excitement of having company over. 

I remember rolling over to my side, I was now facing the underside of my sister’s bed. When I peered into that dark blackness beneath her bed, I noticed something moving. At first I thought maybe a mouse, but it was much bigger than that. Then I realized that it was slowly moving towards me. Just as it broke the edge of the bed, I could see it. The moon was shining through the window, breaking at the edge of the bed, through the darkness, and there, I guess you could say, it stood. It rested upon all five fingers crawling as if to drag the wrist behind it. As it crawled towards me, I didn’t know what to do. I felt frozen in fear, unable to move, unable to scream. And then suddenly, its sprung from the floor at my face, and as it did, I rolled over away from it. I never did feel it touch me, and I did not see it again that night. 

The next morning, when I woke, I assumed it had been a dream (as terrifying as it was). The following day, everything proceeded as normal, nothing strange about the day- no hand, no surprises of any kind, just a normal casual day. But that evening, I knew that when it came time for bed, I would have to go back to my sister’s room and lay on the floor. I tried to get my brother to switch me spots as I could not bear to sleep next to the bed, but he refused. When first getting into my sleeping bag, there was nothing, and I quickly fell asleep. However, I did wake to the sound of tapping next to my head. When I opened my eyes, there it was. I could see it clearly now- just a hand and a wrist glaring in the Moonlight. It was pale and almost gray in color with long black hairs covering most of the top of the hand and the wrist. 

It was tapping almost as if to wake me up as if whatever it wanted from me, I needed to be awake for. The hands lurched out and jumped at my face, however, the hand seemed to go through me as if it were just air. I could feel the pressure of the air as if it was going through my face like a strong Breeze. And then it was gone just as quickly as it appeared, at this point being absolutely terrified, and being a five year old boy, I let out the most blood curdling scream I could muster. My brother and sisters quickly ran to the door to get out, But the door would not open. I scrambled to get out of my sleeping bag but could not as the Zipper was stuck. I felt trapped and continued to scream. My father ran to the door and had to bust it open with his shoulder. We all ran from the room screaming, and to this day, no one else in my family has seen that hand. 

I now live about 18 hours away, as far away from that house as I can get without leaving the country. I have other stories about that home that I would be happy to share with you one day. But with all the talk of disembodied hands on the podcast, before hearing those stories, I had never heard another experience like mine. As soon as you guys mentioned them, I could see it all again very clearly, and the hair on the back of my neck stood out straight. Chills still run down my spine just from thinking about it..

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