A Bizarre Craft in the Columbus Skies

 A Close Encounter with a Most Unusual Ship and its Occupants


Mike Trapp
| Summer 1990’s
Location | Columbus (and nearby areas)


2.7 | Listener Stories – Strange Creatures, UFOs, and Graveyard Ghosts


My experience happened in Columbus, Ohio (and surrounding areas) summer time in the mid- to late- 1990’s. I was working a 2nd shift job in Cbus and lived about ½hr west (almost exactly between Cbus & Dayton). For about a week at night, every night, we (me and the people I worked with) would look west and see 3 lights in the sky. They were remarkable enough that we all were talking about them.

On the way home, I would typically take interstate 70. I would see the light all the way home. As I said there were 3, but they were bigger than the stars and would move in specific patterns. If you’re looking out your windshield looking west, the patterns would go like this:

Light 1 would go up and down on the left side in an elongated oval pattern. This pattern would repeat the whole time you’d watch it.

Light 2 would travel right to left, just across and above the horizon in a slow track. However, when it reached ‘the end’ of its trip, it would turn up like it was going to go left, totally then disappear, and a couple seconds later “appear” on the far left of your field of view, slowly turn down and continue to travel right again. This pattern would repeat the whole time you’d watch it.

Light 3 would travel like light #1, but on the right side of your view of vision. As it reached the top of its travel it would seem to get larger. Then it would get smaller as it traveled down. I made the assumption that when it was getting bigger it was coming closer to me.


(Witness Depiction of Movement of Lights)

So one night, instead of driving the highway, I decided to take the back roads because it was a nice, warm, clear night and after a long day at work, it was relaxing to drive home slowly with the radio on and the windows down and I could watch the lights.

For some reason, I decided to try to get their attention. So every time I turned on a road that was headed west towards the lights, I would flash my hi beams (since these roads were country roads at it was between 1130 and midnight, the lights weren’t bothering anyone as no one was driving these roads at that time).
I was over ½ the way home driving with the flashing of my lights when I noticed light #3 seemed to get even larger as it ‘went up’ and smaller (or back down to its normal size) when it traveled down in its pattern. Every time it traveled up it got larger and larger.

I found an open field (it was around September so most of the field had been cleared though this field – I don’t ever remember having in crops in it that year) and pulled off onto a road that the farmers use to get their machinery into the field, left my brights on and got out of the car. I intentionally left my car running and the radio on to see if, like many UFO stories go, the car/radio would shut off or experience interference. What happened next I’ll never forget

As I stood outside my running car, off the side of the road in an empty field, light #3 got closer and closer until I would discern some type of ship.

The ship was a dark color (black, dark grey or blue; on the drawing I differentiated the color of the wings and body of the craft so you could see the wings but they were all the same color in person). I’d guess it was 50-75 feet long and maybe 50-100 feet above my car. It made no noise. It was an elongated tear drop shaped and its exterior looked to be texturized (very similar to what you’d see in the walls of a sound-proof room). It had swept back wings (more swept back than in my drawing). Along the leading edge of each wings were yellow or white lights that looked opaque (it made me think of porthole windows but I didn’t see anything in them and you couldn’t see through them, though it was low enough that if there was something there looking through, you could see them). At the end of each ‘wing’ and at the nose of the craft was what looked like spot lights that were a brighter yellow color than the porthole lights. These lights did seem to shine towards ground but their light never seems to reach the ground.


(Witness Depiction of Craft)

Again, no sound. And surprisingly, my car nor radio seem effected by this thing. It drifter over my car entirely with no noise, no wind, nothing – like it was a blimp but without the blimp engine noise. The experience lasted probably 10-15 seconds.

I watched it go over my car from front to back. I turned to look at the other lights – they were doing their same routine. I turned back to look at the craft and it was gone. Nothing.
As I said it was a warm summer night, not a cloud in the sky. And while I can’t remember the phase of the moon, it was bright enough that the moon was casting my shadow on the ground (which is likely why I was able to see the texture of the craft but only on the front of it as it was illuminated by the moon). The time it took me to look from this thing to the other lights and back was probably 2 seconds. And in 2 seconds’ time, this floating thing that drifted over my car had disappeared without any trace. There was no cloud for it to hide behind; no tree to block my view. It was just, simply there, then 2 seconds later it was gone. Gone from….everywhere. All I saw was the normal stars, the horizon, the glow of the lights of Columbus (which was probably 20 miles behind me).

I got in my car and drove home. As I drove home from that spot I could still see the other 2 lights ‘doing their dance’ but I didn’t see the other light.

The next night or two I could see all 3 lights doing ‘their thing’ in the sky and I tried the flashing of the lights again but nothing ever happened. Within a day or two, all 3 light disappeared and I never saw them again.

It’s worth noting this happened in the mid- to late-1990 so I didn’t have a phone for photos or videos. L

After this instance I always carried a small video camera and binoculars in my car until I was able to get a smart phone.

What’s interesting to note is that the direction the lights were from me – farther west of where I was living at the time – is Dayton. And Wright Pat Airforce Base is located in that direction.
What’s super interesting is that, at that time, I had a friend that was an MP at WP and he told me there was an area on the base that he wasn’t authorized to be on. He told me “I was told if I sat foot on there they would shot and kill me so don’t do it!” He never told me where exactly that area was on the base. He’s a preacher’s son so I have zero reasons to doubt him not only for that reason but because we were really good friends at that time.

I just thought it was odd that all this happened in the area of WP and he was working there at the time and told me that independent of him ever being told of my experience.

On an aside, during this time I had a friend that was from Virginia near The Greenbrier. He was in the army. He had some type of special security clearance while in the army. I asked him about WP and he told me that while he didn’t know what was there, from the documents he’s seen, there is ‘something’ there that the government doesn’t want us to know about there. He didn’t believe it was alien (just his personal belief as he didn’t know for sure) but he absolutely knew it was something very secret.

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