6.9 | Strange Listener Stories 27 – Red Eyed Mimics, Reservation Witches, and Window Watchers

Jun 17, 2024 | 0 comments


00:30 | Episode Trailer
05:04 | Coming Up in the Episode: Shotgun Show Down with Red Eyed Mimics, disembodied Desert Voices, Floating Faces, and Afterlife House Parties
06:24 | Shotgun Vs Red-Eyed Mimic | Schosha, NY | Leigh Buettler
14:45 | When You Were Little You Could See the River | Poland | Martyna
18:52 | The After (Life) Party | Sierra
30:00 | Singing in the Rain and the Antlered Watcher | Scotland | Becky
38:15 | Episode Sponsored by Aura Security | 2 Week Free Trial
41:05 | A Tilly the Nightmare | Ireland | Abbey Mc Laughlin
46:33 | Expansion Preview
51:13 | Crime Weekly Podcast | In Depth True Crime
54:51 | Graveyard Shift on the Reservation | Puppet Master | Texas | Holli
1:02:59 | Dirty Face at the Window | Anonymous | 2003
1:10:23 | Fun in Fields with Fairies | Ingrid
1:24:58 | Skywhale Rider Shoutouts!
1:26:42 | Thank Yous

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You’ve heard the stories. Stories that most wouldn’t believe. Run-ins with something so inexplicable, it changes your reality forever. These are the rare scrapings with the world just beyond our own, where something is waiting, whispering, luring from the dark, and where THEY walk among us.
From shotgun showdowns with red-eyed mimics and reservation witches sewing darkness from the dead, to Scottish ghost girls singing in the storm and afterlife house parties that materialize at 3am?
Join us on this episode of Belief Hole, as we push back into the dark and attempt to illuminate the ever illusive flashes of the inexplicable and the unknown.
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Strange Disappearances & Missing People's Bizarre Experiences


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