6.8 | Alaska’s Dark Pyramid and Orca-Abducting UFOs

May 21, 2024 | 0 comments


00:30 | Episode Trailer
03:48 | Saucers of the North
07:33 | Mysterious Place of Alaska
11:06 | Valley Searcher | Prospect Creek, AK | 1976
17:30 | Crop Circle of Carnage | UFO Magazine Issue #4
18:51 | Killer Whale UFO Abduction | December 1978 | Ideal's UFO Magazine
25:13 | Bioluminescence Disc on Ocean Floor | Hidden Underbelly Clip
26:22 | Field of Nightmares
36:38 | MIB Scare Tactics - Evidence Stolen
45:59 | The Underground Connection: Mysterious Cherokee Gardens @Artie Sixkiller Clarke
52:26 | Special Shout Out: Claire for donation to Pawsitive Hope Shelter
53:27 | Preview of Expansion
58:30 | Episode Sponsored by Miracle Made Bed Sheets | Code: BELIEFHOLE at check out
1:02:50 | Ancient Tremors: The Black Pyramid @Linda Moulten Howe @EarthFiles
1:02:50 | How Linda Uncovered the Dark Pyramid C
1:08:32 | Testimony 1: Whistle Blower: Douglas A. Mutschler
1:16:15 | Western Electric Engineers | White Alice Communications for Alaska Dew Lines
1:18:28 | Testimony 2: From the Depths of the Pyramid
1:23:47 | Testimony 3: Farm Powered by Black Pyramid Tech
1:27:12 | Testimony 4: Enter the Pyramid
1:34:15 | Testimony 5: From Outer space?
1:37:48 | Books from Belieflings + Recommended Authors
1:40:49 | Thank Yous!

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Alaska. A land of wild beauty, rugged magic, and burried secrets. Throughout it’s marbled history, strange reports have been drifiting from Alaska’s cold and cryptic embrace. Tales of sky giants – crafts that slip from serene seas and into the arctic atmosphere above. They creep behind volcanic islands which jut skyward from their chilly seat in the Alaskan bays and kodiak coves.

What do these sky lurkers want? What are they hunting? Are they living right beneath us?

From flying saucers that rip whales from the sea, to reports of a secret underground black pyramid, wedged in the ice and crackling with unkown energy, join us on this episode of Belief Hole, as we correlate native lore, historical accounts, and whistleblower testimony, to thaw the mystery and illuminate the hidden world of dark Alaska.

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