6.6 | SLS 26 – Bunny Man Horror, Bedside Witches, and True Paranormal Accounts

Apr 22, 2024 | 0 comments


00:00 | Episode Trailer
04:22 | Coming up: Burlap Wearing Witches, Eyeball Plucking Astral Mimics, Easter Bunny Imposter Entities, Civil War Spooks in the Sheets and more!
06:23 | Midnight Snack | Sean | Springfield, IL | 1980-82
08:56 | The Sack Witch | Anonymous | CA
18:05 | Shadow of the Juggernaut | Felicia| MO
22:26 | The Man in My Window | Bell | St. John's Newfoundland, Canada| June 1999
28:37 | The Pillow Case Man | Scott of The Freaky Deaky Podcast| CA
43:19 | The Bunny Man | Good little boys go back to sleep! | Jason Simbro | MO
48:43 | Expansion Preview | Tales from the Synchronicity Sea - Ghosts, Monsters, and Bizarre Happenings
54:00 | The Mother Monster (Midnight Appointment) | Jenn
1:01:03 | Sister Mimic, Shadow Man, Bathroom Whispers | Ken | Dallas, TX | September 2010
1:09:13 | Window Demon and the Screams | Gary | TX | 1998
1:13:59 | White Face Kid | Alicia | CA | 2011
1:21:05 | Shoutout to Ally and Jessie!
1:21:57 | Special Thank You’s - Uncle Sac and Roberta F
1:23:59 | Stinger - Theresa Burch

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Welcome to your new home, my friend. Safe from the dangers and the strangers of the outside world. Here you can rest without worry. It is, after all, YOUR house. But who’s was it before?

But something’s been itching, at the back of your brain. A stirring worry that while you’re safe from what’s outside, a creeping dark has infested the still corners within.

From bedside witches keeping kids up late, to mother mimics plucking out eyes on the astral plane,

Join us on this episode of belief hole as we creep down the hall, and crack the closet door to expose the secret passage from your home to the unknown.

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