6.5 | The Collectors: Sky Scanners and UFO Cube Abduction – True Otherworldly Encounters

Apr 6, 2024 | 2 comments


00:00 | Episode Trailer
02:35 | The Collectors and Sky Scanners Discussion
06:05 | Coming up: Terrifying UAP/UFO Cube Abductions, Paralyzing Lasers, and tentacle crafts haunting the sky
08:38 | Panic in the Jungle | 1966 | Vietnam
14:54 | Quick announcement - Discord has launched!!
16:52 | Sky Fire Chase | Kayleigh Crowe
21:48 | Terror & Death in Brazil - Вob Pratt
22:57 | Ball of Fire Phenomenon| Alien attacks in South/Central America
24:21 | UFO Danger Zone| Alien's Vendetta | 1970's
33:49 | Night Reconnaissance of the Sky Creeper | Kayleigh Crowe
42:10 | The Hungry Beam - 1988 | NUFORC | Albert Rosales | PA
47:01 | Flashlight Tag - 1999 | NUFORC| Albert Rosales |Venezuela
53:02 | Green Beam Nightmare - Plymouth UK, 1981 Gordon Creighton - Flying Saucer Review (Vol. 28 No.3)
58:22 | Coming Up in the Expansion & Preview
1:03:55 | Episode Sponsored by Repaint Tray-Billie | 15% Off-Code: beliefhole15
1:08:05 | The Collector - 1971 | | NUFORC| Albert Rosales | California
1:15:12 | The Collecter | Chris’ Poem
1:23:01 | The Hunter, The Elk, and The Cube - Everett “Carl” Higdon Jr.
1:36:13 | Hypnotic Regression-John Mack
1:37:43 | Higdon's Hypnotic Regression Session Quote | Dr Sprinkles | 1978
1:40:56 | The Elk Attic | 1999

Looming, above us, is an abyss, a sky of incomprehensible size and space. What things, invisible, indescribable, might lurk, waiting for their moment to descend, and feed?
For years, they’re’ve been recorded attacks by aggressive entities within the sky. Whether biological, mechanical, or supernatural, these are malevolent things, cloaked in atmosphere, drifting in darkness, haunting the world just above us.
From Flying Fire and paralyzing beams, to daylight abductions and hovering tentacled cubes, they search the streets at night for children to pluck up into the dark.. something is hunting. We call them “The Collectors”.
Join us on this episode of Belief Hole as we attempt to corroborate accounts and expose the darker side of the night sky, and the sinister forces ever watching, ever hungry just above.
We’ll be going deep into strange cases of violent encounters with tentacled cubes and bizarre abductions, connecting the nodes of truth that surround a nefarious type of visitor, scanning from the sky, that we call “The Collectors”.
This will be an episode to remember, with a special announcement and invitation to a Belief Hole After Party on our new Discord- Launching right after the Premiere! ⏰ Tonight, 6pm EST! Hang out with us and say hey in the Live Chat, and then meet us in the new Discord! See you there! 👊 🔥If you’d like to hop on Discord and create a profile, click the invite link below- Discord Launch/ After Party Starts @ ~7:45 EST 🔗 Discord Invite Link:

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The World’s Greatest Mystery, Intrigue and Suspense: Secret of the human mind, monsters of the Earth and a host of unsolved crimes..
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  1. Jess

    If that was a helicopter in the story “ Night Reconnaissance of the Sky Creeper” the trees and everything around would have been blowing everywhere. Neighbors would have been calling the police as well. If the story is being told as is there is no way that was a helicopter.

    • Belief Hole Podcast

      Exactly 👊


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