6.3 | Strange Listener Stories 25 – Junkyard Demons, Transdimensional Gas Stations and Phantom Polar Bears – True Paranormal Encounters

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From transdimensional gas stations on the Nebraskan Interstate, to Junkyard poltergeist Assaults and phantom Polar bears in bedroom closets, on this episode of belief hole, we endeavor to sift through the salvaged parts of the stories kept hidden in the dark, as we explore true and terrifying encounters with the inexplicable and the unknown!

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00:00 | Episode Trailer
03:08 | Coming Up: Nebraskan Transdimensional Gas Station, Junkyard Demons, Night Watch Wraith, & Phantom Polar Bears in the Closet
03:54 | Archive Episodes Now Available
05:01 | Nebraskan Transdimensional Gas Station |2020| Vic
10:17 | Nebraska University Timeslip-Ghost of Clara Mills
15:36 | Junkyard Demon | South Dakota| Burton
23:45 | The Polar Bear | Nadia
30:13 | Night Watch Wraith | 2007| Virginia| Johnny
37:02 | Expansion Preview: Swamp of the White Worm, Cursed Chests, and Books of Skin
40:02 | Discord Update!
41:01 | White Hair and Red Eyes | Arkansas |2007| Tommy
46:09 | Gate Keeper | March 2008| Farsam
52:18 | Coming Online | Robin


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