6.4 | Strange Encounters in Liminal Spaces – True Paranormal Stories

Mar 25, 2024 | 2 comments


01:03 | Liminal Spaces Recap
04:20 | The Beach as bizarre boundary land of liminal space
07:49 | Sky Office | Malibu Beach, California | 1981
11:34 | Hitchhiker | Palavas-des-Flots, France | 1980
15:08 | Misty Pants | Chalupy Hel Peninsula, Poland | 1981
19:49 | Beach Giants | Conil Beach, Spain | 1982
24:13 | Night Meet of Pear Head | Port Elliott, South Australia | 1989
25:53 | They Came from the Beach! | Los Bateles, Conil, Spain | 1989
32:58 | Ghost ship - Blackening of the sea| Clip
39:40 | Surveillance camera shows ghost at Daytona Beach hotel, employees say | Clip
42:37 | Singing Sand Phenomena
49:08 | Doppelganger | KYLIE | North Tip of Lake Tohopekaliga | 2012
57:48 | Search Light Sky Terror | Carolina Beach, North Carolina | 1987

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There are places that exist as ghosts: an abandoned shopping mall, its once bustling food courts now silent, or an empty amusement park where the laughter of children is now only echoed by creaking steel in a lonely wind. These are places in transition, neither fully here nor there, where the divide between the mundane and the mystical is thinning.

What lurks in the shadows of these spaces? Are they merely unsettled landscapes disappearing in time, or can they serve as literal gateways to the beyond?

From childhood imposters encountered in uncanny lands, to stalking doppelgangers on your routine bus ride, join on us as we uncover unsettling accounts in liminal spaces, and explore the boundary lands that exist at the edge of worlds both known and unknown!​​

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  1. Christina

    The fence and the field story sound a lot like the stories associated with the fae to me. The fae are purported to be good at glamour (hence an entity appearing as his “friend”) as well as as taking human children and leaving changelings in place. The hole in the fence was perhaps, at that moment, a portal…..the narrator was seeing the image of the usual field, but sensing a whole different plane of existence. It also could potentially explain the ear popping- who can say?

    • Belief Hole Podcast

      Exactly what I was thinking, Christina! Excellent point on the fae ‘portal’ appearing as ‘normal’ while the feeling is somehow off. You hear this a lot in near missing persons cases in the woods. That sense of dread and unease in a place you’d been 100 times before. Maybe it’s not REALLY the same place after all.

      Thanks for the insight!
      – Jeremy


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