5.5 | Sapo, Nü-nü and Mysteries of Amazononia

Mar 24, 2023 | 0 comments


3:09 | Sapo, Nü-nü, Mystical Medicine of the Amazon - Sapo on My Soul - Peter Gorman
5:00 | @jordanpeterson, Dennis McKenna - Ethnopharmacology and the McKenna Academy
9:15 | Indigenous Matsés People and the Uncontacted
14:55 | Peter makes contact with Matsés
19:28 | NuNu - Visionary Mystic Snuff
29:40 | Sapo - Super Power of the Hunter
37:38 | Lasting Effects of Sapo/Kambo
41:40 | Expansion Preview | Adventures in Psychometry and Lincoln’s Supernatural Whitehouse
47:50 | How Sapo is collected from the frog
53:30 | How Nü-nü works
54:00 | How Sapo and Nü-nü work together
58:00 | Tapir Trap - Sapo as a Shamanic Tool of Spirit Projection
1:10:04 | Peter Gorman Criticized - Angry Academia
1:13:10 | The Science of Sapo - A potential game-changing medicine!
1:14:30 | Killer Kambo? Controversial Deaths from Sapo
1:20:00 | OUTTAKES!

In the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, along the banks of the Javari River, the jungle pulses with a sacred magic. Skillfully crafted by the indigenous Matsés people, potent concoctions are produced – mysterious ceremonial medicines capable of both healing and premonitory visions. Sapo or Kambo- is burned for cleansing, endurance, and to sharpen the senses. NuNu allows the hunter to see through eyes of the jungle, observe the future, and even project his spirit while he sleeps.

Some in the west warn of the dangers, others praise the life-altering benefits. Join us on this episode of Belief Hole as we explore the mystery and adventure of these controversial, ancient and mystical potions of Amazonia!


Strange Disappearances & Missing People's Bizarre Experiences


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