5.23 | SLS 23: Deadly Fairies, Deer Man, Disembodied Hands, Stanley Hotel

Dec 25, 2023 | 0 comments


00:30 | Episode Trailer
03:12 | Introduction| Victorian Christmas Tradition - ghost stories - not your typical ghost stories - (BH high strangeness)
05:20 | Coming up: Luring Forest Fairies, Dogs digging up, inhuman disembodied hands, Glitching deer of Scotland's Gorebridge and of course it's Christmas A haunted Christmas Eve at the Stanley Hotel
06:56 | Quoth the Ravens | Isabelle |Huntersville NC | 2003
14:56 | Fairy Lure| Anna| South Carolina
21:33 | Ding Dong, I’m Dead | Lindsay Maves
24:54 | Christmas Eve at the Stanley | Lauren
31:18 | Adventure360 | Trip to haunted Stanley Hotel & room 413 part 6
34:49 | AD | BETTER HELP
36:58 | Burglars Busted by Ghosts | Samson
41:26 | Follow Up Story | Samson
46:44 | Sneakers | Jovian | October 2020 | Canton OH
50:17 | Expansion Preview
56:04 | The Deer of Gorebridge | Shane | Gorebridge, Scotland | c. 1998
1:01:40 | Deerman | Winston A Bailey| Midland, MI
1:09:55 | Dead-Eyed Feeder | Raychel | My house/Bedroom | 2017, about 3:00 am
1:15:05 | Give the Dog a Hand | Anonymous
1:18:52 | Thank Yous

Headlights pierce a drifting fog, the sleeping streets of your once familiar town now veiled in an eerie unexpected mist. A simple change in weather now surrounds you in the unknown.

Day and Night, sun and sleet, we go about our lives as if we know what’s going to happen, what will appear around the bend. It is after all, a fairly predictable existence. But every now and then, life can find a way to shake you from your sleep and you find yourself in a world of real magic, dark and light, with every shade of skulking shadow in between.

From encounters with other-dimensional deer and deadly luring forest fairies to sneaker wearing street ghosts and dead disembodied hands, Join us on this episode of Belief Hole as we share strange but true listener stories of the inexplicable and the unknown.

From Trans-dimensional deer and sinister spirits luring you into the woods  to sneaker wearing street ghosts and dead, disembodied hands, Join us on this episode of Belief Hole as we share strange but true tales of the inexplicable and the unknown.

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Strange Disappearances & Missing People's Bizarre Experiences


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