5.22 | Spring-Heeled Jack – Suburban Phantom of Victorian London

Dec 10, 2023 | 0 comments


00:00 | Episode Intro: Spring-Heeled Jack Mystery
03:18 | Ad Free Setting | 19tch Century Victorian London
12:36 | Folklore VS Fakelore
16:31 | Jack Attacks Jane Alsop| Feb 1838
22:13 | How did Spring-Heeled Jack get his name?
27:28 | Jack Strikes Again - Lucy Scales| Feb 1938
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35:33 | Concerns Grows - The Lord Mayor Letter
40:44 | Alleged Details of Aristocrats’ Devilish Dare
45:56 | Coming up in the Expansion: Past Life Regression Accounts |Prebirth Experiences
47:29 | Expansion Preview
49:09 | Hammersmith Ghost - Possible Genises of Jack
57:08 | Spring-Heeled Jack Reemerges in 1888 | Jack the Ripper/ Spring-Heeled Jack Connection
1:02:01 | Sponsored Ad BetterHelp-10% First
1:03:11 | Who/What Was Spring Heeled Jack?
1:04:32 | Mad Inventor Prankster - Blue Flame Burning Sulfur?
1:16:00 | Iron Claws and Consistent Attributes - Mike Dash Quote
1:17:25 | Jack the Trickster/Shapeshifter - Victorian Pennywise (It’s like IT!)
1:20:28 | Jack - Steampunk Comic Book Villan and Batman Origin
1:22:26 | Thank Yous

In the fog-filled alleys of Victorian London, amidst the suit-stained brick, the light of gas lamps flicker, haunting the night with shadows, creating phantoms dark as pitch.

By 1838, rumors of ghosts and devils reported in villages beyond the bustling city have now breached London, and the alleys team with whispers of “Spring Heeled Jack”.

With red eyes and breath of blue flame, he tears at his victims with claws of iron, before vanishing into the night. And nearly two centuries later, the mystery remains unsolved!

Join us as we comb through the history, and attempt to separate the fake from folklore, to uncover the reality behind London’s first real Urban Legend, Spring-Heeled Jack.

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