5.20 | Camp Creeply 4 – Mysteries and Paranormal Encounters in the Wilderness

Nov 12, 2023 | 0 comments


00:00 | Episode Trailer
03:40 | Coming Up: Crocodile Lady Car Crash, Horse Girl, Boy Scout Demon, Night Voices, and more creepily awesome stories
07:09 | Crocodile Lady Car Crash | Not from Here Vol. 4 by Preston Dennett |Las Vegas, NV| Jan 1989|
14:44 | Boy Scout Demon|Anonymous|Michigan|2003|
23:17 | Night Voices and the Golden Triangle |Ray| Taos, NM| Spring 2016
28:19 | Horse Girl | Reddit-Anonymous| Malibu Canyon, CA|
39:47 | Coming up in the Expansion: Continuation of Camp Creepily Stories
41:31 | Expansion Preview
44:26 | Stranger in a Gorilla Suit Synchronicity
45:16 | Beyond the Bunk Beds: Billie’s Summer Camp Nightmare| Wisconsin|
57:23 | Hulder Folk Party| Norway|2008|
1:00:55 | Terrorized by gnomes| Season 2 Episode 9|Sweden|
1:05:15 | Gnomes in the Lake | Minnesota|
1:09:05 | Midnight Fishing - Immense and Terrifying UFO| Not from Here Vol. 4 by Preston Dennett| Oscoda, MI| Jul 1962|
1:13:15 | Thank Yous!

As the nights edge toward Autumn, bonfires burn and voices whisper, of nameless THINGS that stalk between the trees, the flames become a beacon for lost souls and strange creatures once driven deep into the forest, now long forgotten. But tonight as the campfire dances and casts contorting shadows that crack against the tree line, Your campfire, once a safe harbor of warmth and light, has become a beacon for the dark.

From car crashes with lizard ladies to goat-headed boy scout-hunting freaks, Join us on this episode of Belief Hole for Camp Creepy 4, where we share true tales of the unsettling and unexplainable and make camp at the edge of the unknown!


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