5.2 | Strange Listener Stories 18! Shadow Playmates, New Year’s Bigfoot, Skinwalker Ranch Escapee, and Disembodied Hands!!

Feb 10, 2023 | 0 comments


00:30 | Episode Trailer - Strange Listener Stories 18!
02:45 | Introduction - Shadow People Playmates, Disembodied Hands, Skinwalker Ranch | Alien Escape! And More!
05:37 | Midnight Mustang (New Years Bigfoot) | Kat | STORY
11:03 | Haunted in Scottsdale P1 | Jerry
18:30 | Haunted in Scottsdale P2 | Jerry
24:55 | Shadow Playmates | Ismael
30:58 | Black Humanoid Attack | Phantoms and Monsters | Lon Strickler
33:42 | Expansion Discussion | Paranormal Police Encounters 2
34:40 | Member Episode Preview
36:41 | Dead in the Woods (reincarnation) | Megan
46:57 | A Hand in the Dark | Cordy
53:24 | The Boogeyman | Brandy Timms
1:00:32 | Skinwalker Ranch Escapee | Tracy

🔥🔥🔥 Join us as we recount true tales of the strangest encounters from listeners like you! From disembodied hands and cursed New Year’s fogs to Skinwalker Ranch escaped entities, and so much more!


It’s New Years eve, everyone’s having a good time, but you’re distracted. You look out the window and notice a strange but familiar fog has begun to creep down the cul de sac. And in that fog a shadow looms, Something is coming, something that hunts you every year at midnight.

On this episode of Belief Hole, we present the strangest true tales of the unexplained, from grasping snatching disembodied hands to faceless playmates lurking in the trees. Join us as we enter the dark woodlands of our reality and cut a pathway through the bizarre, to uncover the eternal mysteries that sit obscured by the every day but haunt us night by night.


Strange Disappearances & Missing People's Bizarre Experiences


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Documentary | A Strange Harvest | Linda Moulton Howe

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