5.13 | Neighborhood Vampires, Campground Dogman, Transylvanian Timeslips

Jul 30, 2023 | 2 comments


00:00 | Episode Trailer
04:33 | Coming up: Dark Dream Doorways, Transylvanian Timeslips, Campground Dogmen and Neighborhood Vampires... And much more!
6:15 | Cynocephali vs. Dogman Intro
10:15 | Firestarter | Erin | Mansfield, Mo | 2012
19:13 | Paranormal Hitchhiker discussion
23:40 | Transylvanian Time Slip | Eric Romania, small town in the plains of Transylvania | c.2015
27:49 | Transylvanian Time Slip discussion
32:18 | Trailer Park Cynocephali | Jaker Huggett Ontario Canada | 2017
34:15 | St Chirstopher, Cynocephali and Dogman discussion
41:35 | Corroborating account: Limousine Hound | Linda Godfrey Book
48:06 | Expansion Discussion: Strange CELEBRITY Encounters! bizarre accounts from familiar faces whose lives have crossed paths with the inexplicable! (William Shatner, Jimmy Hendrix, Billy Corgan, Elvis and
51:31 | Expansion Preview
54:39 | Flight of the Navigator | Grant | Mount Clemens, MI | 1987
1:01:08 | Beyond the Dream Door | Jana | Oklahoma | 1973-1994
1:03:46 | Dreamwork and the regarding of dream realms in different cultures????
1:07:32 | Shadow Rider | Elle | Dec 2021 / January 2022 | Minneapolis, MN
1:10:00 | Discussion on Derk (the boar rider), The Nachtmahr and the Drude/Drud
1:13:20 | Neighborhood Vampire | Lexi | Coatesville, PA | 2013
1:18:32 | Reincarnation | Cristal Hagen | In the home I had in Belleville, MI | 2000-2002
1:25:03 | Member Thank You’s!

Night has fallen on the campground, and the party is dying down. The crickets hum – punctuated by the occasional, startling pop and crack of embers from the dwindling fire, like exclamation points for warnings you can’t hear. When suddenly, just beyond the smoke, the flames illuminate a strange figure. Some thing inhuman, with two hollow bulging black eyes. Eyes that have been watching you from the dark.

From an unsettling Cynocephaly encounter in the Woods of Ottawa, to a conjured vampire prowling  a Pennsylvania suburb. Join us on this episode of Belief Hole as we present compelling accounts of encounters with creatures assumed to be myth, unsettling disturbances with bedroom spacetime, and sentient craft watching it all, from just above the trees.


Strange Disappearances & Missing People's Bizarre Experiences



Jaker Dogman Encounter -  Campgground

Jaker Dogman Encounter – Campgground

Jaker Dogman Encounter - by Trailer Door Jaker Dogman Encounter

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  1. Jaker Huggett

    Omg you guys are AMAZING! 🤍Thank you so much for sharing my story! I have been trying to find answers for years! Or find someone who has had a similar experience.

    My daughter and I listened to it today, and we laughed so hard at the ‘what are those x’s? Treasure??’ LMAO
    You guys are hilarious! I forgot to send the coordinates to the pond for you guys to check out … I’ll do that now!

    Thanks again! 🤍

    • Belief Hole Podcast

      Thanks again for sharing your story, Jaker! Glad you guy our telling


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