5.12 | Black Eyed Kids, Night Knockers, and Imposters at the Door

Jul 2, 2023 | 2 comments


00:00 | Episode Trailer
05:40 | Brian Bethel Recap and BEK Introduction
10:22 | David Weatherly Introduction: Black Eyed Children: Revised 2nd Edition
11:19 | Coming Up! - Black Eyed Kids and Black Eyed Children and Nocturnal visitors, imposter entities, the Lure, vampiric entities, fai folk and samhain, even alien hybrid accounts
15:09 | Harold's Story | David Weatherly | 1950’s Encounter!
23:21 | BEK in the Parking lot: Brian Bethel’s Story (1990’s) | Abilene, Texas
28:32 | Including the Sky| Fear after BEK Encounter Discussion
32:20 | Green Eyes of the Night Woman | Jerry | Avondale, Arizona | 1969
37:43 | Expansion Discussion: Nocturnal Visitors and the Dark Panoply of paranormal visitors that come knocking in the Night! Also... The Witching hour and whistling at night
39:21 | Expansion Preview Clip
44:09 | Window Knocker | Janus
47:57 | The Knocking of a Town | Whitley Strieber} Glenrock, Wyoming | February 27, 1988, | 2:45am
50:03 | The Knocking of a Town Discussion |Magic of Three| Witching Hour
54:52 | The Disguise | Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania | Summer 1981
56:32 | Alien Hybrid Theory: Discussion
59:21 | Black-Eyed Casino Witch | Anonymous Listener| Black Hawk, Colorado| Late Summer, 2020
1:02:56 | WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY? Aliens, Demons, Trickster?
1:06:41 | Bethel Decades Later Interview | David Weatherly
1:11:16 | Black Eyed Girls | Steve Stockton | East Tennessee | Late 1990’s
1:20:53 | Black Eyed Girls | Steve Stockton Discussion |Q & A
1:27:38 | Skywhale Riders! Kage Bloodfang and Jesse Martin!!
1:30:24 | Member Thank You’s
1:41:43 | Goodbye
1:42:16 | Dogman at your Window (Fear Eater Song) | Belief Hole

It’s 3 am and You’re caught in a restless sleep. when suddenly, the stillness is shattered by 3 ominous knocks  coming from the front door.

When you finally get up the courage to turn the handle and peer out into the night, you find it’s only children standing on your stoop. But for some reason, an inexplicable dread washes over you. something is terribly wrong. Their eyes are solid black, and they want to come inside.

In the late 90s, journalist Brian Bethel published his terrifying account of the previously undefined phenomena we now call Black Eyed Children. But what are these dark visitors and what do they want.

Join, on this episode of Belief Hole, as we dare to open the door, explore true and and terrifying testimonials and dissect the possible reality to another class of fear eater, the knocking nightmare feeder.


Strange Disappearances & Missing People's Bizarre Experiences


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Janus - Night Window Knocker

Janus – Night Window Knocker

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  1. Sara Renouf

    Hi guys! I laughed so hard listening to the closing tune- very creative lyrics in the style of an 80s pop song. Is this work of art something we can get a hold of? I don’t see it mentioned anywhere in the notes. Love your show. Sara

    • Belief Hole Podcast

      Hey Sara, glad you enjoy that lol. It’s not available anywhere else yet. But it’s on the large list of things to do!


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