5.11 Strange Listener Stories 21

Jun 18, 2023 | 1 comment


00:30 | Episode Trailer
02:59 | Coming Up! - Sleepover Demons, Quaker Phantoms at Fort Knox, Disembody Hands in the Laundry, Fairy Harbingers at School Fundraisers and much much more!
05:32 | Satan and The Sleepover | Alex Crist | Summer 1996 | Phoenix, Arizona
09:37 | Satan and The Sleepover-Discussion
14:45 | The Entities in the Attic | Cameron | Rockingham, NC | 1970’s - Present
24:42 | The Cat and The Closet | Em | 2011 | Windsor, Ontario, Canada
32:12 | The Cat and The Closet Discussion-Doorway to another Plane?
36:17 | Legend Of The Shed Behind the Cornfield
37:36 | Expansion Preview
38:47 | Expansion Discussion |Deadly Equines: The Shocking True Story of Meat-Eating and Murderous Horses
41:47 | Podcast Recommendation: Ghost Town: True Crime and Strange History
43:55 | Quaker Oates Demon |Fort Knox | Anonymous
45:53 | Quaker Oates Demon Discussion | Quaker Entity Time Shift?
52:00 | Green Hand in the Laundry | Kenny Rush | Oklahoma City, OK | 1978 | Disembodied Hand
59:48 | The Old Man and the Black Thorn Cane | Ryan | Long Island | 1997
1:02:03 | Blackthorn wood, a history of Darkness? Irish Fairy folklore
1:03:19 | Admitted Warlock (1670), Major Thomas Weir of Edinburgh
1:06:41 | The Shiney Man and Spiritual Warfare | Abby | Webster, Wisconsin | 1995
1:08:28 | Language of the Angels, John Dee and Edward Kelley in late 16th-century: Enochian Magic
1:10:04 | Member Thank You’s!
1:17:24 | Outtakes

It’s a quiet night in the Arizona suburbs, a cool breeze drifts rustles the trees as you and your friends sneak out onto your parents roof. The party is over but you feel like you’ll remember this night forever. You will, but not for the reason you think. Suddenly, In the dark distance, a red light appears. Only you notice it at first, but as it draws near, everyone grows silent. Out of the gloom something begins to take shape, some thing with horns, and a tale. Its engulfed in flame and its running right at you

From Slithering Astral Invaders crawling across the couch, to the whispering dead partying in the attic, Join us, on this episode of belief hole, as we open the door to other realities and explore strange true tales, of the inexplicable and the unknown


Ghost Town Podcast

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Strange Disappearances & Missing People's Bizarre Experiences


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| Phoenix Demon, Mothman or.. tree?

Phoenix Mothman Explination
| Phoenix Mothman/Demon Explanation

| Man-Eating Horses!

| Creepy Quaker Oats Man Art

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1 Comment

  1. Christina Palafox

    Okay. This is my theory regarding disembodied hands:

    If an entity is attempting to affect another reality physically, the hands are essential for manipulating items, etc. Since the focus of the entity is manipulating another reality, there is a lot of energy being directed towards that purpose- this intent, focused energy could manifest either physically or psychically to the witness as hands. *shrug*
    Just my theory on it. The appearance of the hands themselves is likely a mix of the energy put forth by the entity as visualization, and the perception of the witness as translated by their mental logic circuits.


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