5.10 | Steve Stockton, Among the Missing, Wilderness Mysteries

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00:00 | Episode Trailer
02:41 | Introduction - Best Selling Author and Paranormal Researcher, Steve Stockton, Joins us!
04:38 | Steve’s Origins - The Spiritualist Movement, Appalachian Folk Magic, The Caul and Second Sight
06:03 | Ghost Boy in the Road - Steve’s first brush with the paranormal
12:31 | Feeling Things - Touched by the unseen, a road encounter
15:40 | Strange Ohio Deja Vu
17:42 | Reincarnation, and the Reality of Dream Worlds Discussion
23:10 | Inspiration and beginning of collecting stories of the paranormal encounters
25:37 | Disintegrating (Vanishing) Peopled
31:38 | Urban Legends and the Avon Lady Killer
36:06 | Crybaby Bridge in Rogues Hollow
36:34 | Devilish Place Names Discussion
37:42 | Cry Baby in the Basement
41:45 | The Buried Suitcase
43:02 | Coffin Glow in the Woods
46:37 | The Beast of Swanson Lake (Horse Skull Entity in the Shack)
53:16 | Coming up in the Expansion: More story telling by Steven Stockton. Then stories around the campfire-floating coffins, phantom trains, and strange encounters in the woods
53:45 | Kick Starter Campaign:The hunt for the Skinwalker inspired Graphic Novel
56:43 | The Thing in the Ditch - Possible Water Sprite, Elemental or... Glimmerman?
1:06:58 | Spiritual Architecture Discussion (Waterway barriers, rounded corners, iron, and hagstones)
1:10:39 | Fairy Hunter
1:11:36 | Disembodied Voices, Tim Marczenko
1:13:13 | Boulder Tricksters
1:16:36 | Where you can find Steve!

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In deep shadowed forests, down back alleys and desolate reaches of road, strange encounters echo. This is a haunted world. But there ARE THOSE who are called to seek these stories out; record and preserve them so that we all might peer more eagerly into the chasm of the unknown.

From Horse Skull entities lurking in Abandoned shacks, to invisible giants thundering through the woods.

On this episode of Belief Hole, we invite Bestselling Author and Renowned Storyteller, Steve Stockton, to share some of his own brushes with the Bizarre, and explore the beliefs and theories of the unsettling, the uncanny, and the unexplained.

🔥Steve Stockton’s Links/Channels

Among the Missing | Steve Stockton | Youtube
Among the Missing - Steve Stockton

Thirteen Past Midnight | Steve Stockton  | Youtube
13 Past Midnight



skinwalker ranch kickstarter

Nightmareland - Travels at the Borders of Sleep, Dreams, and Wakefulness - Lex Lonehood Nover - Belief Hole Paranormal Podcast
Lex “Lonehood” Nover

Disembodied Voices - True Accounts of Hidden Beings - Tim Marczenko - Podcast

Disembodied Voices: True Accounts of Hidden Beings – Tim Marczenko


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