4.5 | Strange Listener Stories 13 | Creeping Hairy Hands, Grimoire Demons and Confounding UFOs!

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00:00 | Intro Teaser - Strange Listener Stories 13!
04:12 | The Hand Comes at Night | Megan Jackson’s Story
08:57 | The Hairy Hands Of Dartmoor and Worldwide
11:28 | Of Seances and Statues | Greg’s Story
15:30 | Statue Origin | Constantin Brancusi | Victor Brauner | Modernism and the Occult
18:23 | OBE into a Past Life | Trevor’s Story
25:40 | Lights with in Lights Over the Island of Man | Ben Morgan’s Story
30:11 | Expansion Setup: Worm Knights - Serpent Parasites and Secrets in Stone!
33:07 | Expansion Preview
34:51 | Visions of Murder | Tracy’s Story
38:40 | The Dark Boy | Dylan’s Story
42:28 | Summoning Gone Wrong | Matt's Story
47:26 | U.F.O. battle in the U.P. | Bryan King and Dena Eltervoog’s Story
59:23 | Member Thank Yous!

It’s late at night. You begin to hear whispers drifting down the hall. In the bedroom, you find your little sister talking to something in the dark.. Something disembodied and scratching at the wall.

From unearthly craft above your woodland cabin, to grimoire summonings gone terribly wrong, we present to you, curious listener, tales of the inexplicable and the unknown!

Also.. Jon pulls the big brother card, Chris thinks his neighbors are haunted and Jeremy’s Knight Worms Cometh!


Shapeshifting Faces Statue-Mademoiselle Pogany-by-Constantin Brâncuși


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