4.2 | Stardust Ranch: Portals, Entities and Mayhem in the Desert!

Feb 20, 2022 | 0 comments


00:00 | Intro Trailer
02:35 | Stardust Ranch Overview
04:25 | How it all began
06:05 | Expansion Discussion - Evil Archeology and Cursed Artifacts
08:00 | Finding the Ranch - Strange Realty and Pool Poltergeist
14:06 | The Man Who Killed Monsters
18:49 | John Emdonds joins Bruce Mcdonald - paranormal phenomena during book development
21:11 | The Beauty that Blinds - Time in the desert and Hooves for Hope
22:06 | Southwest Bell - Telephone troubles and the ranch’s dark past
26:56 | Disquiet and a malevolent presence
28:41 | EXPANSION PREVIEW - Evil Archeology and Cursed Artifacts
32:20 | Ghostbusters Afterlife
33:05 | Dog Mutilation
36:01 | John Edmonds’ Call to Arms
43:50 | Morman Exorcism
44:35 | ET Mortal Kombat and peeking the 4th wall.
49:35 | Levitation Wife and Alien Abduction Attempts
53:06 | The Michelin Man Entity and MIB Intimidation
55:33 | ET samurai Assassin
1:01:33 | Final Thoughts, Sirian Walk-ins and Dopplegangers
1:06:42 | Bigelow, Skinwalker and Bradshaw Ranch connection
1:07:35 | The Evidence and Dr. Levengood
1:12:04 | Patron Thank You’s

In the 1990s, the dusty Arizona winds carried strange tales from Rainbow Valley. Whispers of unusual lights, bizarre creatures and a haunted ranch with a bloody past. A Psychiatric counselor and his wife were looking for a fresh start in this beautiful and barren land. But unbeknownst to the couple, fate had set them on a lonely trail, into horrifying high-strangeness and mind-bending terror. On this episode of Belief Hole, we explore the incredible accounts and interdimensional happenings at Stardust Ranch.

Also.. ET Executions, Homeless Monster Hunters, and Interdimensional Madness!


Strange Disappearances & Missing People's Bizarre Experiences


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