4.18 | Missing 411: Portal Theory – Fairies, Bigfoot, National Parks Mysteries

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00:00 | Introduction - Missing 411 - Portal Theory
03:00 | David Paulides - Disappearance Phenomena - Strange patterns
05:31   | Disclaimer (sensitive topic)
06:45 | Missing 411 and Portal Theory - more on the patterns
10:45 | Timestorms - Jenny Randalls
12:55 | Neighborhood Changeling Portal Encounter - Josh La Rue | STORY
20:47 | The Shadow Realm and Mirror Worlds (folklore and scientific discovery) 
24:47 | Portals between our Earth and the Sun discovered! Also, Ancient Culture Portal Cultivation!
28:25 | National Parks Disappearances, Containment Theory and Glimmer man
30:38 | Project Pegasus - Andrew D. Basiago
32:25 | The Shimmer Connection - MasqueradingMuppet | STORY
39:59 | Golosov Ravine Mystery - Expansion setup
41:26 | Expansion Preview | Interdimensional Traps
44:17 | Bigfoot Raindrop Portal | STORY
46:22 | Arrivals and Departures Theory
50:49 | Strange Construction | STORY
53:22 | Men-Stealing Dwarves from the World Beyond Stone | STORY
59:29 | Strange Visitor: Realm of the Shadow People | STORY
1:02:19 | The Medway Helicopter | STORY
1:09:54 | Flashback Clip to Episode 13 - origins of our portal theory and first discussion of Missing 411
1:15:17 | Thank Yous!
1:27:51 | OUTTAKES

In recent years, an unsettling and controversial subject has been gaining attention. A concerning number of people have inexplicably gone missing, from National Parks and elsewhere- Seemingly vanishing from the face of the earth. Over the past 10 years Former police officer and researcher, David Paulides, has identified unique characteristics in these cases that produce an unusual pattern. But what does the pattern mean? And where did these people go?

While recognizing the heartbreak left in the wake of the missing, on this episode of Belief Hole, we attempt to search the furthest boundaries of our reality and open the unseen doors. While Cross correlating new scientific discoveries in quantum physics with ancient tribal and fairy lore, we recount witness reports of real portals appearing from places as wild as remote wilderness to as familiar as your own backyard. Join us as we endeavor to explore, Missing 411 – Portal Theory.


Strange Disappearances & Missing People's Bizarre Experiences


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