4.17 | Nightmareland – Sleep Paralysis, Astral Goblins and Real Dream Walking Encounters

Nov 18, 2022 | 0 comments


00:00 | Coming up on this Episode: Nightmareland, Dream Worlds, Reality of the Land of Nod
11:39 | A Summery of Lex Nover’s Introduction to Nightmareland | Reading
16:24 | Succubi, Incubus, Nacht Mare
17:10 | SP Entity Varieties and the gelatinous succubus of Ronald K. Siegel
19:00 | Louis Proud surprises astral troll
21:00 | Cultural Sleep Paralysis - The Old Hag, The kokma, Agumangia and Ukomiarik
22:19 | SP and the OBE Connection and the Astral Plane
23:55 | Wrestling with Ghosts, Psychologist Jorge Conesa-Sevilla
24:55 | Thoughts on Flying Dreams, Dream Yoga and chakra’s
27:57 | Preventing and Escaping Sleepy Paralysis
30:09 | Turning the Tables - Eating the Heart of the Gargoyle!
32:44 Fear Eaters, Nightmare Feeders - Astral Hypothesis for SP
34:24 | Expansion Discussion - Microsleep and the Black Dog (Gaurdians at the gate) Astral Attacks- by other dreamers and practitioners of magic, the Alien Connection, and Catboy!
36:00 | expansion Clip - Oscar’s Sleep Paralysis Imposter Entity Encounter!
38:39 | Parasomnias - Ambien zombies, Sleepwalking
41:23 | Graveyard Chat - Parasomnia and Communication with the Dead
47:18 | The Severed head of Sarah Hand and Precognitive Dreams
53:50 | Encounters with Sentient Dream Characters
1:01:30 | Ledru's Strange Case of Sleepwalk Murder
1:10:35 | Strange Semantics Campfire: Tales of the Strange and Unsettling
1:11:15 | Thank Yous
1:18:25 | OUTTAKES

Is our waking world just a shadow? Simply the surface on the skin of reality? What are these transient lands between wakefulness and the deep dark of sleep? When we put out the light and slip away, are we in reality glimpsing hidden frontiers that actually exist?! ..

When sleep paralysis grips the body, we are plunged into the waters of a strange borderland, is this the precipice of an interdimensional realm where astral monstrosities are suddenly made visible?

in hypnogogic states, can we perceive precognitive visions or even converse with the dead?

From encounters with sentient dream-walkers who leave burning reminders of their reality to confounding cases of Sleepwalk murder,

On this episode of Belief Hole, we explore the landscapes of slumber and the dream dimensions that may be just as real as this realm of the waking.


Strange Disappearances & Missing People's Bizarre Experiences


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