4.15 | Inhuman Imposters, Nightmare Trolls, Mimics, and the Owlman! Strange Listener Stories 16

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00:30 | Cinematic Intro - Strange Listener Stories
05:36 | Grave Hound - Phantom Black Dog | Simon's Story
09:39 | Black Dogs, Dogman - Graveyard Guardians (St Coletta School Dogman)
10:35 | Are Phantom Black Dogs Church Grims?
14:03 | The Hand Comes at Night | Henry's Story
22:10 | TSA Monk | AJ Johnson
27:43 | Expansion Intro - Mimic Encounters, Imposter Entities
29:42 | @holoskypodcast1024 Podcast Recommendation
30:14 | Expansion Preview - Tale of the Crib Keeper: SIGN UP HERE:
33:20 | @holoskypodcast1024 Trailer
34:33 | Nightstalker Beard Products @RuddyManGrooming
35:55 | Skywhale Rider {MIKE} 🐳 🔥 🙌
36:47 | The Owl Man | Mike' Story
41:59 | Owl Person by the bed | Joe's Story: from The Messengers, Owls and Synchronicity | Mike Clealand
46:39 | The Masks they Wear | Heidi
54:19 | Nightim Trolls | Tracy Haus
1:01:25 | Jon Encounter's Inhumans in Austin | Story
1:03:42 | HEB Inhuman Encounter | Tracy's Story
1:06:42 | The Land and the Caretaker | Stephenie's Story
1:12:34 | Member Thank Yous!
1:20:42 | Stingers are back!
1:23:40 | OUTTAKES!

As the year turns to autumn and the wind groans more menacing within the creaking of the trees, the lingering spirits shiver restless in the world just beyond. All manner of strange and hungry things are hastening their approach. When owls wear the shape of men and loom above our Children’s cribs, and snatching disembodied hands creep beneath your bed, thrashing to pull you down into the dark, reality itself is shifting.

From four-foot troll-faces demons, to black hounds slinking through the graveyards, the season of the supernatural is upon us. So bolt the doors and keep your smile from being too inviting, as sinister things may be hiding behind human masks of the living!


Holosky Podcast

  • “Hang out with us as we navigate through the world of the strange and unusual.  We chat about everything from ghosts, aliens, and cryptids, to the most mind-bending government conspiracies.” — Holosky



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Triology of Terror Troll
Trilogy of Terror Troll

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