4.12 | Superstition Mountains – Inhuman Wraiths, Cursed Gold, and Desert Portals

Aug 23, 2022 | 0 comments


5:00 | Corey Daniels | Phoenix Enigma
6:30 | Sky Islands
9:17 | Brief intro of Lost Dutchman’s mine / Stories of headless men 
15:00 | Jacob Waltz Mysterious Gold
17:22 | Elisha Marcus Revis
22:10 | Secret Band of Apache Guardians, Portals, Cave-Dwelling Monsters (Nakani)
23:14 | the Nahanni Connection (Hammerson Peters)
27:50 | Great Cordillera Sacred Mountain theory
30:12 | What is lurking in the Superstition Mountains
31:00 | Apache and Native stories of desert portals
36:01 | LUCIFER ‘Telescope’ of Mt. Graham
38:48 | Expansion Preview | High Strangeness in the Superstition Mountains
42:35 | Campers Trapped by Vortex in the Superstition Mountains | STORY
51:00 | Floating Green Door in the Desert | STORY
53:50 | Devil Winds and a Chindi Spirits - (Steve Stockton)
59:08 | Corey Daniels Wraith Story originally told to Paranormal Files
01:03:23 | Awsang of the Apache Death Cave
01:07:00 | Thank Yous! 
01:12:20 | OUTTAKES

If you listen closely when among the haunted crags and rocky cliffs of the Superstition Mountains, you just might hear the echoes of lost gold and cursed treasure. A dark legend of many men who’ve met their end.

But what stories lie stranger still beneath this alleged stone abode of the Apache thunder god?

From rumors of glowing desert portals to encounters with cloaked inhuman wraiths, join us on this episode of Belief Hole as we hike deeper into the mystery and seek the stranger side of the Superstition Mountains.


Strange Disappearances & Missing People's Bizarre Experiences


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Elisha Marcus Reavis

Early Apache Photo
Early Apache Photo

Superstition Mountains (saija-lehtonen)
Superstition Mountains (saija-lehtonen)

Ectoplasm Ghost/ formation moves through the air at Superstition Mountain
Ectoplasm (Ghost?) formation moves through the air at Superstition Mountain. Captured by disposable camera


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