3.9 | Phone Calls from the Dead and Pioneers of Spirit Tech

A startling ring in the middle of the night. The strange and distant voice on the line seems familiar, someone you’ve known, yet someone whose left this world behind. It’s a call that shouldn’t be possible- a transdimensional connection that defies our current understanding.. until now. Join us in the Hole as we peel back the pages of forgotten, ground breaking research to uncover the true stories of Phone Calls from the Dead and the innovators of both past and present whose mission of patching us through to the other side is becoming a potential reality.

Beginning with such pioneers of Spirit Technology as Captain Craufurd (the Wireless Man) and Logie Baird (the Black Magic Man) we break down not only their revolutionary contribution to terrestrial telecommunication, but their fascination and innovation in the realm of Instrumental Transcommunication.

Then, through the work of the renowned Parapsychologist D. Scott Rogo and his intrepid contemporaries, we investigate the longest of long-distance calls and discover the patterns in which these disembodied dial-ups seem to manifest, and what they might indicate for mankind.

Finally, we discuss the mind-bending announcement that a group known as the SpiritPhone Foundation is claiming a sort of Afterlife Disclosure via a break through in modern tech, allowing contact with the dead.. And yes, you too can have your very own Spirit Keyboard to commune with the other side whenever you might feel brave enough to shoot a text out into the void!.. gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘ghosting’, doesn’t it?

Also, Jeremy’s Pranks Chris, Winds of the Other World and Freddie Kruegers 80’s Hotline.. Nightmarish Rates May Apply.



3:51 | Topic Introduction | Pioneers in Spirit Tech and Phone Calls from the Dead (Transcommunication)
5:15 | Expansion Topic Introduction | Afterlife Disclosure and the SpiritPhone Foundation
8:25 | Terence Mckenna | The Universe is a Novelty Producing Engine – The Omega Point | CLIP
10:17 | Dial Tone Unknown Introduction
13:15 | Night Call from Daughter on the Other Side | STORY
17:26 | Pioneers of Spirit and Transdimensional Tech | Melton’s Psychic Telephone, Zwan’s Super Rays, Kliner’s Aura and the Reflectograph
18:36 | Francis Grierson | Composer, Pianist and Spiritualist
20:00 | Captain Quentin Charles Alexander Craufurd – ‘The Wireless Man’ | Inventor and Founder of The Fairy Investigation Society
24:16 | Robert Bigelow’s Contest for Evidence of the survival of consciousness after permanent bodily death.
24:51 | Logie Baird: Black Magic Man | First Transatlantic Broadcast | Noctovision for Spiritualism
28:53 | Chris Josiffe | A little HIstory of Spirit Technology
32:33 | Phone Calls from the Dead! | Collected by Theo Paijmans
– Operator in the Land of the Dead | Urbana Currier, 1917 | STORY
34:24 | Railway Voices | Post Crescent Appleton, WI, August 1905
36:08 | Cemetery Salutation | Saint Paul Globe, St Paul, MN, Nov 24th, 1886
37:37 | The Groundbreaking Research of Parapsychologist D. ParaScott Rogo and Raymond Bayless | Phone Calls from the Dead | 1979
40:59 | Book Recommendation | Disembodied Voices: True Accounts of Hidden Beings | Tim Tim Marczenko
43:24 | Telephone Calls from the Dead: A Revised Look at the Phenomenon Thirty Years On | Cal Cooper | 2012
45:35 | Phone Calls from the BEYOND? | French Sociologist Laurent Kasprowicz| 2018
48:01 | Something Strange, Indeed | STORY
50:22 | Jeremy Prank Calls Jon and Chris
54:42 | A Warning to Dean.. Koonz | STORY
1:00:48 | Grandpa Calls Grandma from the Other Side | STORY
1:05:13 | The Trickster Hypothesis | Sharon Hewitt Rawlette | STORY
1:12:10 | SoulPhone EXPANSION Discussion and Closing Thoughts
1:13:18 | Special Thanks to Artists | Mimis_Emporium, Koqubertart
1:13:53 | New Expansioneers Thank Yous!!
1:20:33 | Thank you Lindsay Maves!!


3.9 EXP | New Spirit Communication Tech and the SoulPhone – Afterlife Disclosure 


Coming up in Expansion – SoulPhone Tech/ Afterlife Disclosure

In the expansion episode, we’ll be covering the fascinating implications and claims of the SoulPhone Foundation. For a break down of their spirit communication device technology and general philosophy regarding the otherside, check out this interesting lecture from Gary Schwartz PhD

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Phone Calls from the Dead? Exploring the Role of the Trickster
Sharon Hewitt Rawlette | 2020, Journal of Scientific Exploration

Phantom Phone Calls 3
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Dean Koons gets Call from the Dead – a Warning
Psychology Today

Death: The Final Frontier – Bigelow Afterlife Contest
Fortean Times | Issue 405

SoulPhone Device Overview
SoulPhone Foundation

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