3.8 | Highway Horror and Roads to Elsewhere

The road is long, and its dark and lonely turns lure unsuspecting victims for the unnamable things that lie in wait to feed. We’ve all heard the stories, and some unfortunates among us have even experienced, a confounding and hellish visitation by some ‘strange other’ while on the road.

On this episode, we bring you true stories of roadway surreality. From Screaming Trench Coat Demons to Interdimensional Centerline Walkers to the sweet sweet kisses of a Phantom Truck Stop Lover, we’ve got your lust for the night drive tale covered!

So flip on your high beams, because there’s a dimly lit detour ahead.. through the Belief Hole!


3:22 | Topic Introduction : Roadway Ghosts and interdimensional Travels
4:02 | Jon’s Weird Roadside Vibe
8:10 | Notorious Huanted Roads – Clinton Rd. New Jersey, Stockbridge Bypass (Ghost Munk), Sheffield England, M6, England
9:03 | Trucker Ghost Stories | Annie Wilder – Book Introduction
11:03 | Real Police Ghost Stories |
11:42 | Hat Man on the Montreal Avenue Bridge | Story
19:25 | Chris and Jeremy Darkly Charge Tire Blowout and attacks by a possessed Big Brother Jon
22:41 | Red-eyed Man on Wisconsin Highway A | Story
31:48 | Ghost Kiss | Story
35:53 | Spectrophilia
37:36 | Expansion Preview | Humanoid Encounters! The Dogan Fish People, the Hopi Ant People and Modern Encounters with Strange Others
40:30 | Shadow Man | Story
49:44 | Woman in the Road | Frank | Story
59:00| The Girl in the Window | Story
1:02:45 | The Toulon Incident | Story | Times Storms | Jenny Randles
1:06:45 | John Keel | Ambling Nightmares | Quote
1:08:32 | Patron Thank Yous


3.8 | EXP | Humanoid Encounters:  Fish People, Dinosauroids and Humanoids in the ’90s




Infamous Haunted Roads

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