3.20 | National Parks: Containment Theory, Missing 411

For centuries, dark stories of unusual events have been whispered around campfires in the wilderness of North America.

From strange stories of lurking creatures to the unusual clusters of unexplained disappearances to the countless folktales and unsettling native lore that shroud the landscapes of these majestic regions- these luring places of mysterious beauty that have become our National Parks.

What dark secrets do they hide? What strange power might they conceal? The trail is laid thick with danger and whispers of the unknown.

So grab your compass and triple-check your firearm as we venture deep into the heart of the Belief Hole and explore National Parks: Containment Theory.


00:07 | Topic Preview – National Parks: Containment Theory
02:39 | Speculation and Conjecture Disclaimer
04:45 | Jeremy’s Containment Theory – tying together Missing 411 and the origin of National Parks
06:58 | Establishing the National Parks to contain dangerous high-strangeness phenomena
08:57 | Expansion Discussion – Strange Disappearances: What happens when you go missing?
13:57 | Theodore Roosevelt – How the Teddy Bear got its name
15:15 | The Organic Act – creating the National Parks – untouched land
19:20 | Yellowstone’s monsters guarded by calvary
21:51 | Wilderness Act – 109.1 million acres of restricted wilderness
26:20 | Expansion Preview | Sai Kung Enchantment – Strange Disappearances | STORY
29:49 | Teddy Roosevelt believed in Bigfoot (or Wild Man)
32:39 | Bauman’s Story (Trapper killed by ‘Bigfoot‘) | STORY
43:57 | Wild Men… and zombies
46:27 | The Feral People in National Parks Possibility
48:56 | Unexplained Sounds and Fairy Music in National Parks
49:52 | Unexplained ‘Lake Music’ in Yellowstone
52:18 | Strange Sounds in Shamanism and Alien Abduction
53:07 | Jon and Chris get Rekied!
58:13 | Channel Recommendation: Missing Persons Mysteries
59:03 | Disintegrating People | STORY
103:45 | The Others – a Missing 411 Account | STORY
110:48 | Logan’s Stinger – The people burger shortage
116:12 | Stinger Signups and new Bitcoin Donation Option
118:35 | Patron & Members Thank Yous!!



Missing Persons Mysteries

A deep quality resource for accounts of people going missing, often accompanied by strange circumstances or phenomena.


Bob Gymlan

Some of the best logic-based analysis of Bigfoot on Youtube and logic-based deep dives on various aspects of the phenomena.


Canam Missing Project

A deep quality resource for accounts of people going missing, often accompanied by strange circumstances or phenomena.


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